Lavish Fusion Bakery Victoria Street Penang

Welcome to Lavish Fusion Bakery! Ops, shall we call it Restaurant? Dessert House? Well, it actually from the famous Love A Loaf Bakery and now expand into serving hot food, dessert…etc. Well, i would call it a full blown restaurant to be exact. The restaurant well situated at Victoria Street which is tourist hot spot as well as local favorite location, although parking might be challenge but if you are on luck, road side parking just few step away from the restaurant.

Nicely decorated plant wall are one of the most Insta photo, it look extremely green especially with the glass roof that allow great sunlight into the restaurant with huge “Lavish” on it.

I love how dessert presented behind the glass counter, it look extremely delicious! Can i have all?

Introducing the newly launch product Lava Cube and Ice Cream Crossaint. Surprises, Surprise, we are surprise by it taste. Well, more photo and description follow up.

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Soft and Moist Bun 蓬松面包食谱

Soft and Moist Bun 蓬松面包食谱

2 Cup Warm Water
11g Instant Yeast
5 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt
4 Tablespoon Milk Powder
4 to 5 Cup of Bread Flour
4 Tablespoon Butter

2 杯温水
11g 酵母
5 汤匙糖
1 茶匙盐
4 汤匙奶粉
4 汤匙黄油

1. Add yeast into warm water.
2. Add sugar and salt then mix well.
3. Add flour slowly.
4. Knead to smooth surface and let it rise for 40minutes.
5. Cut into small size and form a round shape.
6. Rise second time in oven for another 30minutes.
7. Without preheat turn on oven to 180c with Top Down mode and baked for 17minutes.

1. 将酵母加入温水中。
2. 加入糖和盐然后混匀。
3. 慢慢加面粉。
4. 揉捏面团,让它发40分钟。
5. 切成小块,揉成圆形。
6. 再次在烤箱中发30分钟。
7. 不需预热,将烤箱打开至180℃,并以上下模式烘烤17分钟。

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Evergarden Halal Chinese Restaurant at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

In the month of August, Evergarden Chinese Restaurant introduce a series of awesome SzeChuan cuisine. Evergarden Chinese Restaurant is one of the few Halal Certified restaurant offer authentic Chinese Food in Five-Star Hotel. Offer spacious dining area with many private room to cater for private event, high ceiling with tremendous sea view from the dining area. Beside Sze Chuan Cuisine, a la carte Chinese menu offering great variety of signature dishes as well.

桂冠冷热荤 Laurel Precious Four Dish Combination, four awesome dishes that served as first dishes that has both cold and hot dishes.

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Ric’s Burger Pork Burger Bayan Lepas Penang

It is so painful when you suddenly craving for burger and found no good burger at your current location, fortunately we are lucky to search in google and found this Pork Burger Restaurant Ric’s Burger.

Ric’s Burger has been quite well known in Georgetown area but I did not know that they have a second branch at Bayan Lepas. I am always outdated! LOL.

Anyhow, the Orignal burger without any additional topping is just RM7.90 which is pretty reasonable although the portion is not really big but good enough for an adult lunch meal.
Not only pork burger available instead they do have beef, lamb, salmon, mushroom and egg burger as well.

Their french fries taste very good as well and with extra cheese or kimchi topping making it taste awesome.

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May Tip Thai Food Restaurant Bukit Mertajam Penang

May Tip Thai Food Restaurant was discover by my friends who was suddenly craving for Thai Food. Since we are not really familiar with Bukit Mertajam we just give it a try.

When we arrive, restaurant are completely empty and we are a little bit worry.

Luckily we are not disappointing with the food and really impress instead, we hope to return for other dishes soon.

Food are very authentic and taste very good.

Deep fried pork knuckle is the best of the best, extremely crispy and juicy inside. Tomyum soup taste really good as well.

Dipping sauce provided are special made and it is so spicy but taste good, I can eat a whole bowl of rice with just the chili.

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