Pacific West Get-Together Dinner at More by Arang Coffee

In collaboration between Pacific West Frozen Seafood and More by Arang Coffee, presented specially design 5-course dinner feature Pacific West product and signature dishes from More by Arang Coffee. Pacific West has won the Best Innovative Seafood Product in Asia Halal Brands Award 2017, with that said it is definitely one of the best product to served your friends and family during this festive season.

We highly recommended to cook Pacific West product with Air Fryer as it is extremely easy, no defrost required. Just unpack and put in Air Fryer, 10-15 minute (depend on product) and you are ready for a good meal. Enjoy!

FIFA World Cup is running hot now, Pacific West fans stands a chance to win prices up to RM10,000 and FOODball merchandise, visit for more info.

We are served with a great variety of Pacific West Frozen Seafood and we truly enjoy those finger food, pairing with our favorite mayonnaise wasabi sauce is just perfect. Calamari Ring is my all time favorite, it is so springy yet flavorful.

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Reverse Tap Beer at Tree Bar G Hotel Penang

Reverse Tap Beer finally available in Penang. Tree Bar at G Hotel offer a great opportunity for drinker to enjoy a cup of much smoother texture beer. Tree Bar also offer a great range of  international beer, wine and cocktails. Snack is also available which offer great combination with alcoholic drinks. Tree Bar is strategically located right beside Gurney Plaza shopping mall, staying in G Hotel can be extremely convenient for shopping and enjoy great scenery of Gurney Drive.

The Reverse Tap Beer Dispenser can dispense a cup of beer in just 7 seconds and it came with a special design cup that has a valve that open when slot into the machine. The machine is extremely easy to operate, even first timer like us can easily fill up a cup. Enjoy our video! Since the machine fill up the cup from bottom hence it reduce expose to air and create less bubble, it make the beer taste much more smooth. By the way, you can get a Kronenbourg 1664 for just RM 35 per pint.

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Poke Saigon Cafe Apartment @ Ho Chi Minh City

Poke Saigon is located Cafe Apartment Ho Chi Minh City, look like this Hawaiian food establishment has quite a success business in Ho Chi Minh. We get to know this place from tripadvisor where they have pretty high ranking.
Honestly it is not really easy to find this restaurant as Cafe Apartment is quite complicated with narrow walkway and so many cafe in it.
The restaurant itself is pretty small with just a few table.
Each bowl cost 150000vn but it came with whole lot of different ingredients. It taste very fresh and delicious, highly recommend the Salmon and Tuna. While the rest of the ingredients just put ALL! Yes, ALL!

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Coffee Island Bak Kut Teh Gurney Penang

Looking for a bowl of good Bak Kut Teh? Coffee Island located along Gurney Drive offer great and delicious Bak Kut Teh.
Started business as early as 7am, a great place for breakfast. It is not WEIRD to eat Bah Kut Teh for breakfast, yes! In Penang we eat the same dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
So No Surprise!
We really enjoy a piping hot bowl of Bah Kut Teh in early morning, it warm our stomach.
Here offer two type of Bah Kut Teh, soup and dried. Personally i recommend Dried Bah Kut Teh but if you have more than 3 person, i would recommend to order both.
Both has it unique taste and flavor.
Soup Bah Kut Teh can taste the fragrance and delicious of pork soup and herbal taste while the dried Bak Kut Teh can taste the sticky and spicy sauce. Both are equally good.
If you come on night time you may order more dishes as they served fish, pork, chicken, vegetable…etc as well.

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