Farquhar Mansion Fine Dining

Farquhar Mansion is a well establish fine dining restaurant in Penang, offering great food and environment for a romantic dining experience. We came here for Farquhar Mansion Dinner and Farquhar High Tea before and never disappointed with the food.
farquhar mansion

Pieroth Blue Burg Layer Schlosskapelle is a Germany white wine that taste sweet with a mild spicy taste that is easy to accept by most people due to it smooth texture.
white wine

farquha9 (3)

Complimentary bread with butter, it is not typical butter instead 3 different type of home made butter served that each has it own special taste and texture.
bread with special made butter

Amuse Bouchee served are very special in term of presentation, they make it look like soil at the bottom of Amuse Bouchee it is instead edible soil. Among three item we had are Cod Ball mix with Bearnaise and Potato Noodle on the left. In the middle is Salmon Skin, Ebiko and Micro Greens while on the right is Potato, Cream and Black Olive.
Amuse Bouchee

Mushroom Terroir is all about mushroom where assorted mushroom are use to create varies dishes and incorporate together. Sauteed Portobello Mushroom with caramelize onion, top with asparagus served with dried mushroom and a slice of truffle.

Mushroom Terroir

Mushroom Terroir

Foie Gras Flavor, if this will to served on other restaurant than probably it will be on the main dish menu but at Farquhar they make it as appetizer, a big portion of appetizer, a big piece of Foie Gras. It is perfectly cook to crispy texture while maintain juicy inside, it served with Apple Chutney, Foie Grass Foam, Berries Brioche, Port and Wine Emulsion. It has extremely strong Foie Gras fragrant and taste extremely good.
Foie Gras Flavor

Broccoli Espuna is a refreshing soup that at first taste refreshing and green but a feel scoop later with a oyster inside it make the soup taste thick with oyster freshness taste. Air Dried Leek on top gave a sweet boost to it flavor.
Broccoli Espuna

Premier Australian Lamb Rack RM258, served with Ravioli, Roasted Beef Root, Chutney, Sweet Pea. Chef recommend medium and they did it extremely well, it is perfectly seal and cook to perfection in term of texture and flavor.
Premier Australian Lamb Rack

Premier Australian Lamb Rack

Black Angus Tenderloin RM288 served with Beef Cheek Raviolo, Potato Cream, Onion Jam and Asparagus. I like the thick cut of beef as it best in contain the juiciness while preserved the beef natural sweetness, we had medium and again they did well in cooking the beef. It is so smooth in texture and simple cook it good enough to bring out the best taste of beef.
Black Angus Tenderloin

Cheese Platter served with assorted Cheese, Grape, Apricot and Fig Jam. Taking cheese with grape is always the best option as both create a great combination in term of taste and texture.
Cheese Platter

Mango is the dessert name that make it look like only a piece of Mango but it instead has a great variety of mix dessert in a plate with awesome presentation that make it look so colorful. Included in the dessert plate are Mango Coconut Cheese Cake, Mango Compote, Mango Sorbet and Panna Cotta.

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Farquhar Mansion 
No. 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.

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Crabby Claws Seafood on Table at The Bungalow Lone Pine Hotel

Seafood on table is so famous recently and Lone Pine Hotel is rolling out a special menu on every Thursday call Crabby Claws. Dining at The Bungalow with the scenic sea view while eating seafood is definetely the best ever experience.
crabbyclawlo (67)

lone pine hotel crabby claw

Every diner are given a pack of apron with glove for you to enjoy seafood. Remember, no utensil will be provided as today we going to eat everthing on table with hand ONLY.
lone pine hotel crabby claw

Crabby Claw Set came with three different type of flavor such as Indonesian Curry, Kam Heong and Sweet & Sour. Personally we like the Indonesian Curry the most follow by Kam Heong and Sweet & Sour, Indonesian curry has very strong herbs flavor with a little bit of spiciness taste while Sweet & Sour a little bit too sweet for our liking.

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Eastin Hotel Ramadhan Buffet 2016

Eastin Hotel introducing 2016 Ramadhan Buffet far ahead of time and this time they have more variety compare to last year. During holy month of Ramadhan Eastin Hotel offer traditional Iftar buffet with extensive range of Peninsula’s delicacies. RM85/person for early bird, RM90/person for selected card holder and RM110/person on normal rate. Senior citizen entitle for 50% discount from normal price. Ramadhan Peninsula’s Buffet dinner available from 7 June till 5 July 2016 from 7pm to 10pm.
eastinramadhan (80)

eastinramadhan (24)

Appetizer and Salad that is nicely plate at the main counter, among the many salad dishes my favorite go to Kerabu Prawn and Kerabu Squid.
eastinramadhan (25) eastinramadhan (26)

eastinramadhan (27)

eastinramadhan (28) eastinramadhan (29)

eastinramadhan (30)

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Projek Nasi Lemak Dato Keramat Penang

Projek Nasi Lemak is a newly open Nasi Lemak restaurant located at Dato Keramak, beside Public Bank. Parking is a problem at this area as limited space available right in front of the restaurant.
Projek nasi lemak Penang

Five different combination of nasi lemak available, Chicken Set RM8.50, Squid Set RM13, Fish Set RM8, Egg Set RM4.50 and Prawn Set RM15. Chicken Set RM8.50 is rather reasonable as they gave big pieces of chicken but prawn RM15 is a little bit too expensive.
Projek nasi lemak Penang

Coconut Shake RM4, pretty good shake as they have coconut fresh in it and top with a generous amount of vanilla ice cream.
Projek nasi lemak Penang

Set Ayam RM8.50, deep fried whole chicken leg, deep fried chili anchovies, crunchy nut, cucumber with sambal and nasi lemak sauce. Overall taste pretty good for the nasi lemak sauce and sambal, i like the deep fried chili anchovies as well. Deep fried chicken slightly lack of flavor but it is extremely crispy.
Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

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More Feature on OpenRice App Android and IOS

Hey Foodies! You must have heard of OpenRice before and if not then you have to take immediate action to have this app install at your mobile phone. This awesome application has huge community that share whole lot of hidden gem for FOOD! We has been using this application for years and recently they introduce more feature that make us feel like writing an article just to share how great it is. Another main reason is people keep asking us where to eat! Sometime we are so busy and not able to reply each and everyone, we are so sorry. We hope this app can help those who looking for answer a quick tips on where to go.

Let get started by installing the App, you can search for OpenRice in Android Market or IOS AppStore. Look for a yellow bowl of rice icon and that is the app you should be installing.
openriceapp (2)

On first startup, it will prompt for Region and Language Selection. As of now the app cover Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, further breakdown to state and city for more specific search. Which mean i can even use this app when i travel to those country, sweet! While for language selection English, Chinese, Tamil, Malay and Japanese are available. My mum are using Chinese and she is now travelling around to look for good food.
openriceapp (3) openriceapp (5) openriceapp (6)

Here is the main screen of the OpenRice App. You can easily switch to different location and language from the main screen by touching on the top screen. On the bottom of the screen there is a + button that allow you to add review, add new restaurant or upload photo. Just a few touch and you are one of the contributor to the big foodies community.
openriceapp (4) openriceapp (7)

By searching for restaurant with certain keyword, you can bookmark individual restaurant into your personal bookmark list for future reference. I hate this feature, it is so convenient that make my To-Eat list so long. How can i finish all those restaurant? Anyhow, to make your search more specific you can use the Filter/Sort By option that help to narrow down your search, i use distance the most as it give me the idea where should i go next. User rating also very important.
openriceapp (8) openriceapp (9)

Back to main screen, there is some feature item such as Editor Pick which always show some great location that i never heard before. District help to group the location together into more specific location, Cuisine breakdown type of food for easy search. Other than that there is some great article available as well, I found some good recipe and prepare for my family over the weekend.
openriceapp (10) openriceapp (12)

We encourage you to write review like what we did instead of searching for food. By combining everyone contribution we will have even bigger community and we can eat MORE! Example of our recent sharing on BarBQ Plaza Gurney. The sharing is so simple, click on the + sign and you just need to key in a few item to get it published. You can give an overall rating follow by specific rating for each area such as Taste, Decor, Service, Hygiene and Value for Money. Writing a review can be so simple that you give a title of the review that can be anything, brief description, upload photo and answer a few simple question. That All! you have contributed to the food community.
openriceapp (16) openriceapp (17)

openriceapp (14) openriceapp (15)

Invite Friends! Yes, search for a restaurant and click on it, look for the bottom right “Invite” then key in a date and time follow by event name then share it with you friends on any messaging application. Your friends will received a notification and a reminder will be automatically added. Never know that invite a friends can be so easy now.
openriceapp (22)

Website Info: http://my.openrice.com/restaurant/index.htm
App info: http://my.openrice.com/info/campaign/revamp-v5/index-en.html
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.openrice.android  
App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id310663323?mt=8

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