Tacology Mexican Food with Fresh Taco and Burrito at Tanjung Bungah

Tacology Mexican Food located inside Rose Garden, wait…Rose Garden? Yea, it is inside rose garden but instead of a garden it is a restaurant with Rose Garden as it name, you still enjoy great environment with nicely planted tree but not rose. Anyhow, our food review today is Mexican food which we learn quite well during our 3 months stay in US last year. We do really enjoy the super value for money burrito at Chipotle and we miss it so much.

Quesadilla with Chicken RM7.99, Quesadilla is flour tortilla that make round and flat then pan fried without oil to crispy and chewy texture, it then fill with marinated chicken and egg with mayonnaise.


Generous filling Quesaddila that has crispy skin with flavorful filling. Quesadilla

Hard Taco and Burrito
Mexican Food at Tacology

Hard Taco with Sea Bass Fish RM9.99, deep fried tortilla fold into half and fill with assorted vegetable and deep fried fresh sea bass fish, normally Taco are fill with beef, chicken, pork but this is the first time i ate a Taco that fill with fish meat, it has very special texture and the fish is extremely fresh and flavorful.

Crispy skin

Beef Burrito RM8.99, perfectly marinated beef with corn and rice fill in Burrito role that give a mouthful bite is extreme satisfaction. Instead of beef, you may opt for Chicken or Beans (Vegetarian) Burrito but for us, we will choose the Beef as it has very great taste.

Churros with Duice de Leche Caramel Dip RM3.99, “Duice de Leche” is special home made dipping sauce that has mild milk and caramel sweet taste, Churros is make on the spot to which is very crispy.

Tocology Mexican Food

Rose Garden located right opposite of Flamingo hotel, if you coming from Gurney, the shop is on your left before traffic light.
Tocology Mexican Food

Tocology Mexican Food

Comfortable outdoor seating area.Tocology Mexican Food

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22 (inside Rose Garden food center), Jalan Tanjung Bungah Tanjung Bungah 11200
016-464 6622

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Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon

Just not long ago we visited Miam Miam Gurney Paragon for high tea, we enjoy a cup of Souffle and Iced Matcha Latte. Just few week later we are here again but we are going to try out more dishes with more dessert. Finally we try the Black Squid Ink Pasta after so many visit, normally we will order the signature Miam Miam Spaghetti as it was too good.

Mixed Berries Smoothies RM13.80 consists of  Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry.
Mango Smoothies RM11.80 blended with fresh mango.
Mixed Berries Smoothies

Matcha Smoothies RM11.80, Super Premium Grade Japanese Match blended with additional Matcha Softee as topping.
Matcha Smoothies

Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothies RM13.80, super rich and filling drink that blend with peanut butter, banana and vanilla softee. At first we thought this drink going to be taste weird but we are wrong, it is very smooth and well balanced.
Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothies

Mushroom Soup RM12.80, look to be simple mushroom soup but immediately can taste the richness of various mushroom found in this bowl, great wild flavor from Button, Shitake and Abalone Mushroom.
Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

Seafood Chowder RM13.80, a mixture of scallop and prawn cook to perfection then top with lemon infused olive oil. Very strong seafood flavor that extremely rich in flavor while the additional lemon acidity taste make it so good.
Seafood Chowder

MM Caesar Salad RM12.80, fresh crunchy vegetable mix with bacon, eggs, anchovies with special made dressing that taste sour with mild spiciness, the dressing is combination of mustard and balsamic vinegar.
MM Caesar Salad

Seafood Aglio Olio RM31.80, el dente pasta cooked with extremely rich flavor pork stock and extra virgin olive oil and top with prawns and scallops, garnished with sun dried tomatoes, garlic, japanese chilli flakes.
Seafood Aglio Olio

Souffle De Mer RM30.80, one of their signature dishes is souffle rice. The one served here is fill with Japanese Garlic Rice, Prawns, Scallop and Squid. Souffle is made to order so expect around 20 minutes waiting time at least.
Souffle De Mer

Souffle De Mer

Black Squid Ink RM27.80, one of the “weird” dishes you can find here is the black pasta. Great use of squid ink (Ikasumi) to create the special color but due to the natural fishy taste of squid ink so not many people can accept it but for me, it is pretty good.
Black Squid Ink

Al Funghi RM27.80, extremely big Portobello mushroom with assorted mushroom seasonal and stir fried with olive oil then cook with pasta, pasta fully absorb the mushroom flavor making it taste so great.
Al Funghi

Mac & Cheese Rm23.80, Baked Cheese, Back Bacon, Panko Shimeiji Mushroom.
Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

Curry Dip Dip RM18.80, a bowl of Japanese Curry served with 6 pieces of baguette and salad.
Curry Dip Dip

Japanese Curry with Omu Buttered Rice RM26.80, Omu Egg Buttered Rice with Japanese Chicken Curry, potato, broccoli and carrot.
Japanese Curry with Omu Buttered Rice

Japanese Curry with Omu Buttered Rice

Caramelized Banana Souffle Pancake RM19.80, well presented dessert that came with smooth and soft texture pancake topping with caramelized banana, fresh blueberry and vanilla softee.
Caramelised Banana Pancake

Caramelized Balsamic Strawberries Souffle Pancake RM19.80, it look to be extremely sweet but we are wrong, instead of full of sweetness, it taste sour with mild sweetness that making it one of my favorite dessert.
Caramelised Balsamic Strawberries Pancake

Valrhona Chocolate Souffles RM18.80, chocolate taste bitter with mild sweetness from souffles making it taste good.
Valrhona Chocolate Souffles

Caramelized Banana Souffles RM17.80, vanilla flavor souffles top with caramelized banana.
Caramelized Banana Souffles

MM Parfait RM19.80, Caramelized Macadamia, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Chocolate Digestive Biscuit with Vanilla Softee. Those nuts gave a good bite to the dessert, although all nuts are caramelized but it not too sweet.
MM Parfait

Twin Delight Parfaits RM17.80, well mixed of vanilla and matcha flavor softee top with Dango Balls, Plum Kanten and Black Sesame Sauce.

Twin Delight Parfaits

Panna Cotta & Japanese Dango Balls RM13.80. Panna Cotta are perfectly shape to allow raspberry jam to sit on it. It did served the purpose of decoration but yet as a great flavor to balanced it flavor.  It came with Japanese Dango Balls with peanut on top.

Panna Cotta & Japanese Dango Balls

MM Special Blended Coffee RM8.80, finish up our night with a cup of MM Special Coffee, that is so wonderful.
MM Special Blended Coffee

Although we don’t take wine but for wine lover you can opt for small wine bottle, that is very nice for couple.

Miam Miam Valentine Menu, each couple will be given a love lock. You may write your love words and hang it at Miam Miam love tree.

Love Lock that is so cute, it came with different design such as Hello Kitty, Luscious Lips, Melody and two different heart shape design. Well, I keep it as secret for other design others than Hello Kitty and Melody.
Love Lock

miammi8 (99)

Miam Miam Gurney Paragon

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Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon
St Jo’s, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
Opens daily 11am – 10pm
04-226 7818

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One Corner Cafe Loh Mee and Yam Cake

We came here on Sunday morning around 9am to try the famous Hokkien Mee but immediately we are told to wait for 1 hour, since we are in rush so we decided to try other food instead of waiting for 1 hour. The Hokkien Mee really busy, although waiting time is 1 hour but still a lot of people willing to wait for it.
One Corner Cafe

Since we don’t get to eat Hokkien Mee so we decided to try something else, we order the Yam Cake aka Oh Kuih and surprisingly it is very good, especially the 3 different sauce that provided and generous amount of dried shrimps. It taste extremely good.
Yam Cake

Loh Mee also not bad, it has the Five Spice fragrance and the gravy is full of flavor as well.
Loh Mee

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Address: No. 1, Jalan Burma, 10050, George Town, Pulau Pinang, 10350
Phone:04-226 1300

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Money Houz Cafe with Dart Machine at Jalan Nagore

Money Houz Cafe located at Jalan Nagore, it can be easily spotted with the dollar symbol signboard. You can park at Nagore Square parking lot or New World Park and walk over, it not too far and much cheaper parking at New World Park. “Money” theme was use in Money Houz Cafe as everyone like money and they do hope dine in customer bring some luck back after visit their cafe.
Money Houz

OMG, they cage the money.
moneyhouz8 (4)

Full of $$$ decoration within the restaurant. Live band performance on every Friday and Saturday starting from 9.30pm, a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax.
Money Houz

Money Houz

$$ sign all over the cafe.
Money Houz

Table top are fill with money money money, how good if they put in some real money. LOL.
Money Houz

While on second floor there is a big space for comfortable seat with dart machine, it can be cater for private function with no extra charges. While the dart game is RM2 per person per game which is reasonable as most of the shop charge RM5. We really enjoy playing the dart game here, it not noisy as like other pubs instead it like a private room within ourself. Few days later i bring my friends there just to play dart game for fun.
Money Houz Dart Machine

Money Houz Dart Machine

Money Houz Dart Machine

Money Houz Dart Machine

Hot Chocolate Hazelnut, we use to drink Hazulnut White Coffee but this is the first time we heard of Hot Chocolate with Hazulnut, something special that you can get it here.
Hot chocolate hazelnut

Mocha, nicely done Mocha with nice coffee art.

Cappuccino with cute little Mickey on top, such a lovely coffee art.

Mixed Berries Smoothie, a mixture of various berries that taste sourish and sweet.
Mixed berries smoothie

Apple Rose Flower Tea, according to the owner high quality of flower tea are fully import and it has better aroma. The apple and rose combination create some sourish taste that is very nice.
Apple rose flower tea

Shepherd’s Pie, instead of normal baked potato this Shepherd’s Pie has one layer of marinated beef at the bottom and cover up with potato then baked to perfection, served with home made sauce.
Shepherd's pie

Houz Salad, fresh crunchy vegetable served with flavorful dressing.
Houz salad

Baked Cheese Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, juicy chicken meat grilled to perfection then top with a layer of cheese and mushroom sauce.
Baked cheese chicken with mushroom sauce

Grilled Salmon with Tomato Salsa Sauce, one big piece of salmon grilled to perfection then top with special home made tomato salsa sauce which has very strong flavor.
Grilled salmon with tomato salsa sauce

Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Suace served with potato and vegetable. The sauce goes well with the tender chicken drum stick.
 Roasted chicken with mushroom sauce

Chicken Thermidor, grilled chicken top with creamy mushroom sauce.
Chicken thermidor

Ispahan, nicely presented dessert that has big macaroon fill with strawberry and cream in between.

Belgium Cheese, seasonal cake that specially created for Chinese New Year. Their dessert is less sugar so this cake is not too sweet which is just nice.
Belgium cheese

Bring back some luck by taking free lucky coin at the cashier counter.
lucky coin

2015 Valentine Menu from Money Houz

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Money houz
Address: 77 Nagore Road 10050 Penang
04-226 3068
Monday – Thursday & Sunday 12pm – 12am
Friday – Saturday 12pm – 1am

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Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet G Cafe at G Hotel Penang

Yea, we are here again to enjoy G Hotel Buffet at G Cafe. Today we going to toss Yee Shang with whole lot of people, it going to be a fun night.
ghotelbf (193)

By the way, Chinese New Year buffet starting for G Cafe as below.
Goat Year Reunion Buffet Dinner with Live BBQ
18 Feb 2015 | 6:30 – 10:30pm
RM148++ per adult | RM74++ per child
A glass of sparkling wine upon arrival

Gong Xi Fa Cai Brunch Buffet with Live BBQ
19 Feb 2015 | 12 – 3pm
RM88++ per adult | RM44++ per child
A glass of Oriental Concoction upon arrival

Prosperity Dinner Buffet with Live BBQ
19 Feb 2015 | 6:30 – 10:30pm
RM138++ per adult | RM69++ per child
A glass of sparkling wine upon arrival

Fortune Brunch Buffet with Live BBQ
20 Feb 2015 | 12 – 3pm
RM88++ per adult | RM44++ per child
A glass of Oriental Concoction upon arrival

Longevity Buffet Dinner with Live BBQ
20 Feb 2015 | 6:30 – 10:30pm
RM138++ per adult | RM69++ per child
A glass of sparkling wine upon arrival

*Add RM35++ for free flow of house beer or wine
For reservation and enquiries, kindly please contact 04-2380000

g hotel chinese new year buffet

Salmon Yee Shang prepared by chef.
ghotelbf (247)

Yee Shang with big pieces of salmon. The highlight of the night where salmon, shredded vegetable, ginger, cracker, peanuts, sesame with special sauce are mix and toss together, Chinese believe that the higher you toast
ghotelbf (273)

Rojak, combination of various fresh fruit with yau cha gua mix with prawn paste. ghotelbf (288)

ghotelbf (160)

Char Koay Teow with fish cake and prawn.
ghotelbf (282)

Fish Maw Soup, extremely delicious soup that has generous amount of fish maw in it, we just love it so much and take 3 big bowl.ghotelbf (280)

ghotelbf (211)

Various dishes we pick up for the first round. more to come….
ghotelbf (277)

ghotelbf (276)

Assorted pickles. ghotelbf (213)

Whole Baked Salmon Chili Mayo, whole Salmon fish marinated and grilled to perfection and top with mayonnaise, onion, capsicum and special sauces, it is very fresh and well balanced flavor. ghotelbf (92)

Salad counter fill with assorted fresh vegetable and dressing.
ghotelbf (174)

Over to Chinese food counter for siew mai, char siew pao, chinese style tapas…etc.
ghotelbf (159)

ghotelbf (166)

ghotelbf (165)

ghotelbf (164)

Roasted Duck and Chicken, slice chicken or duck meat will be served with popiah skin wrap. ghotelbf (101)

ghotelbf (278)

While on the hot dishes there is whole lot of selection.

Mussel Sambalghotelbf (69)

Mixed Vegetableghotelbf (68)

Chili Crabghotelbf (66)

Black Pepper Squidghotelbf (65)

Braised Lamb with Radishghotelbf (61)

Chak Ho Koghotelbf (60)

Wok Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Sauceghotelbf (58)

Hong Kong Fried Noodleghotelbf (54)

Prawn Crackerghotelbf (50)

Seafood wise there is cold fresh seafood like Scallopghotelbf (47)

ghotelbf (46)

ghotelbf (39)

Assorted cold dishes and salad. Sausage Salad, Coleslaw, Fish Salad, Acar Rampai…etc all can be found here. ghotelbf (35)

ghotelbf (33)

ghotelbf (29)

ghotelbf (27)

ghotelbf (15)

Assorted candy that can be use to add into ice cream as topping.
ghotelbf (295)

ghotelbf (292)

Fresh food such as strawberry, yellow watermelon, red watermelon, pineapple, papaya…etc. ghotelbf (290)

ghotelbf (212)

Fruit Salad
ghotelbf (143)

Chocolate Fondueghotelbf (139)

Over to the dessert counter, personally we love the Peanut Butter Cake and Green Tea Cake, most of the dessert is not too sweet which is just right for us.

Peanut Butter Cakeghotelbf (131)

Maracaibo Chocolate Banana Cakeghotelbf (128)

Kek Gula Hangusghotelbf (126)

Layer Cakeghotelbf (123)

ghotelbf (120)

ghotelbf (113)

ghotelbf (109)

Traditional Nyonya dessert. ghotelbf (108)

ghotelbf (106)

Pan cake
ghotelbf (107)

ghotelbf (158)

ghotelbf (135)

We really enjoy dining at G Cafe, it has very nice Chinse New year lantern as decoration and it is very comfortable as well.
ghotelbf (196)

ghotelbf (187)

ghotelbf (138)

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G Hotel
168A, Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang, Malaysia.

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