George Town Coffee Festival 2016

Calling Coffee Lover! Your chance to enjoy the most exciting coffee event of the year at 1st Avenue Mall on 26-28 Aug 2016, whole day event at LG Floor. This is the second year Coffee Festival held, we got to enjoy the first year with awesome coffee, dessert, cake, pie…etc. More merchant are participating in this event such as Frank Laurent, Macallum Connoisseurs, Bread King, Classic Teddy Café, Container Café, Rabbit Softserve, Cube Coffee, Say Cakes, Shinise café & bistro, 3 monkeys juice, Jipangi, Niko Neko Matcha, Sangkaya, Penacon and Hotel Jen.

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters will be conducting Coffee Brewing, Latte Art and Cupping workshop on 27 August while Macallum Connoisseurs offers Hand Brew, Latte Art and Getting Know Your Beans and Roasting Profile session on 28 August 2016.
coffe (1)

Niko Neko Matcha will be having Traditional Uji Matcha Tea Prepration workshop on 27 and 28 Aug.
coffe (7)

Even more awesome with the live performances by home-grown musical duo The Brackets.
coffe (13)

For customer spend on RM30 and above at the fair, free TGV movie pass are given away and you are also entitle for a chance to win Shinise Coffee gift set and Hotel Jen Buffet Lunch for 2 person.
coffe (5)

Free juice is offer by 3 Monkey Juice while Say Cakes giving out free cupcake for those purchase RM20 and above at the fair.
coffe (6)

Going to grab some awesome coconut ice cream from the famous Sangkaya as well.
coffe (8)

Expecting some Teddy in action as well? Probably a place to take some cute photo with your love one.
coffe (10)

What about special ice cream from Rabbit? Rabbit famous for their special flavor ice cream and do take note that all their ice cream are limited edition, you get it today might not for next visit as they keep refreshing their menu.
coffe (4)

Here are the full schedule for the two days events. It certainly going to be an exciting yet fun event. By the way, here are the special event but the boost will remain open throughout the whole two days event.
coffe (9)

Paper Lobster Restaurant with Extra Discount from ShopBack and Groupon

We always visit online voucher website for better discount when we looking for new restaurant to try out, while we browse through Groupon and saw Paper Lobster seafood package RM210 we decided to give it a try since got 24% discount for just RM159. Thanks to my sister reminder about Shopback which allow me to get extra cash back from my purchase, I save another RM11.76 by clicking through, I will share more now.
paper lobster

We discover the leading cashback site in Malaysia recently and try a couple time before we decided to share with our reader, why? Because we doubt on the cashback given as we have no idea why they gave extra discount but after few try and get our cashback now we are confident to share. Before you proceed further, you can create shopback account here.
ShopBack Malaysia not only gave cash back on Groupon instead they do partner with big online retailer such as Taobao, Lazada, Agoda, Zalora, Tesco, Qoo10, Expedia, AirAsiaGo, Booking.Com, FoodPanda, Ebay…etc, what you need to do is just create a FREE account at ShopBack and click on the Merchant Icon on their website which will then redirect you to the partner website for purchase. We always Find great discount from Groupon Malaysia food deals which provide best offers on food and beverages.

We saw the great discount on Groupon hence we go to Shopback and click on Groupon icon then a page will pop up and direct us to Groupon website

We just follow the normal purchase through Groupon and automatically they will credit the cash back to our ShopBack account.
So here is the deal.
If we walk in, we pay RM210
If we purchase through groupon, we pay RM159
If we purchase through Groupon + Shopback, we pay only RM147
Extra discount with just a few extra click.

The best thing is after we purchase from Groupon, ShopBack system will automatically send us email inform that purchase has detected and credit will shown in ShopBack account within few days. Yes, RM11 has been capture, but we still need to wait for 64 days in order to redeem the cash back.

Here is our previous transaction, as long as you meet the minimum of RM10 you can cash out your balanced and they will transfer it to your bank account. With just a few click, my cash back of RM15.11.


If you find my explaination to be confusing, you may check out their official video. Link to ShopBack.

Back to Paper Lobster, Seafood! Let roll!

You can get different package from the menu starting from RM68 to RM388, depend on which type of seafood you want or you can add on different type of seafood as well. Since we bought online voucher so we can skip this selection.
paper lobster

paper lobster

After select your package you choose your flavor with option Louisiana Boil, Garlic Butter, Paper Cheese or Malaysia Style Curry. We choose Garlic Butter as recommend by the manager.
paper lobster

paper lobster

Teng Teng, our RM210 seafood platter served on table. (Actually we only pay RM148 with saving from Groupon and Shopback combination) Wau, we are pretty impress with the amount of seafood served as it definitely more than enough for two of us. Immediately we can smell the garlic and butter aroma with strong seafood fragrance.
paper lobster

Our package included 1 big mud crab, countless prawn, yabby, mussels, clams, sausage, sweet corn and potato. We have one big mud crab that taste super-duper awesome, it is extremely fresh and delicious. Same goes for out prawn, fresh and sweet. It taste awesome with the garlic butter. Personally Yabby is not our favorite but still not bad consider it freshness.
paper lobster

See, how big is our crab claw. It is so delicious.
paper lobster

Included in the package are Mantou and Nancho.
paper lobster

Yummy Yummy! Glove are provided as well.
paper lobster

Crab, Prawn, Yabby, Muscle and Clam.
paper lobster paper lobster

paper lobster paper lobster

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Anson Park Seafood Restaurant

We use to visit Anson Park Seafood Restaurant frequently until they move to somewhere and we lost contact, now they move back to Anson Park and continue to served great food again. Spaces sitting area with ample of parking space available, very convenient for family dinner.
ansonparki (1)

ansonparki (2)

Mini Seafood Pot RM28 (Pre-order required), each pot are steamed individually to create the sweet taste, black chicken are added to create the special sweetness while other seafood help to boost it flavor even more.
ansonparki (3)

ansonparki (4)

Steamed Clam RM20, extremely fresh clam cook with sweet and sour sauce. It is so delicious especially the meaty clam that taste so delicious.
ansonparki (5)

Crispy Duck RM35, duck are perfectly deep fried to crispy texture and duck meat are flavorful as well.
ansonparki (6)

Salted Egg Bitter Gord, something special! We have never eat something like this before and it indeed very special.
ansonparki (7)

Thai Style Deep Fried Pork Knuckle RM32 (Two Portion in Picture), deep fried to crispy skin served with spicy and sour sauce.
ansonparki (8)

Butter Prawn, fragrance of butter overwhelm our palate but it never took over the prawn freshness, both create a well balanced flavor.
ansonparki (9)

Stir Fried Vegetable RM15
ansonparki (10)

Nyonya Steamed Fish, thick nyonya sauce served with fresh red fish. Fish are fresh and the nyonya sauce really stood out as it has very strong flavor which goes well with steamed rice.
ansonparki (11)

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No 20, Anson Road, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.
Closed on Tuesday

If you are using Android phone, you may follow our Papago Navigation App Installation Guide for the ultimate food hunting tools.

3 Top Hotels With Best Restaurant in Foodie’s Paradise, Penang

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 29 10.07

When we talk about Penang, we also talk about the food. It’s true since Penang is long bespoke as the top culinary travel destination. This state on the Northwest coast peninsular facing the Malacca Straits is one of the foodie’s paradises in Malaysia.

As the foodie’s paradise, Penang has been tried and true, as the Lonely Planet picked it to be the Top Spot for Foodies in 2014. The food is embracing the combination of Asia, Middle East, and European taste. You can find the best delicacies everywhere in this food capital of Malaysia. From the street-side to the high-class restaurant, even more in the Penang hotel.

Some best restaurants in Penang are featured inside the hotel. So, it’s time for you to discover the lists to enjoy the great retreat while getting so close to the best culinary in Penang! Here you go the top 3 hotels from Traveloka with the best restaurant in Penang!

Seven Terraces Hotel
Stewart Lane, George Town
This 5-star hotel is located on the artistic street of Stewart Lane and surroundings. Blend with the ambiance; Seven Terraces Hotel is tastefully designed on Anglo-Chinese styles with the suites and apartments transformed from the old shophouses. The entire rooms look like the art gallery with antique furniture beautifies the appearance. This 5-star hotel has an expansive public area, containing the restaurant and swimming pool.

Kebaya Restaurant is the finest on-site restaurant in Seven Terrace Hotel that also hailed as the Penang’s best restaurant on many travel recommendations. This gorgeous restaurant serves exceptional classic Indo and Baba-Nyonya delicacies so the guest can savor the authentic local culinary experience. The entire menu is made from the innovating combination of Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and traditional French cooking methods. This culinary experience at Kebaya Restaurant is being more impeccable with the stunning décor of the venue.

Macalister Mansion
Macalister Road 223, Georgetown
The 4-star Penang hotel that located along the historical Macalister Road is exuding the nuance of the Old English mansion. The hotel is built as an ample palace in the colonial architecture style that highlighted with the white façade, tall windows, and Greek pillars. The mansion presents 8 plush guestrooms that artistically designed in a contemporary theme and supported by sophisticated amenities, also separated living area. The Lawn is the perfect place to relax with the lounge and swimming pool amidst the greenery. The Macalister Mansion also has a living room to enjoy teatime or play billiard, the Cellar as the wine lounge, and the Den as the cigar lounge.

The signature restaurant name Dining Room is the gastronomy heaven. This place promises the special dinner experience like a bourgeois by its award-winning kitchen. This restaurant in managed by former Michelin-starred-restaurant chef that serves the finest French haute cuisine, which changes every two months. The food is made using classic techniques to conjure a special impression while it served on the white exquisite yet classical room.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach
Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Penang is presented by Shangri-La Hotel. As the 5-star Penang hotel, the resort highlights the luxury combination of Minangkabau architecture with the Malaysia culture to redefine the value. This resort is tucked amidst greenery with century-old rain trees accentuated the serenity. This award-winning hotel concerns to nature, presenting the green hotel with over 300 eco-friendly guestrooms and suites scattered into 2 wings (Garden Wing and Rasa Wing). Each room is sophisticated with 5-star amenities and high-class decoration complemented by the stunning view. As the international 5-star hotel, exceptional facilities available such as the award-winning spa, golf course, swimming pool, beauty salon, clinic, also restaurant and café.

Ferringhi Grill is the finest on-site restaurant that well known by its modern grill cuisine. Couple times regarded as the best restaurant in Malaysia, Feringghi Grill combines a delightful cuisine with the dining venue that blessed with the most breathtaking view of the ground, garden, and endless ocean. Managed by the talented Australian chef, Feringghi Grill serves many artistic food creations, alongside with the greatest grilled and the other various menus made using the Continental cooking methods.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang Buffet

So fast it has been one year since we last visit Evergreen Laurel Hotel for buffet, in August they have a special promotion for Merdeka Celebration which has special food from every state of the country.

Hi-Tea Buffet available for weekend while Dinner Buffet available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Hi-Tea Bufet (Weekend Only)
RM77 nett Adult
RM39 nett Children

Seafood & Japanese Food Dinner Buffet (Friday & Saturday)
RM99 nett Adult
RM49 nett Children

Thai & International Dinner Buffet (Sunday)
RM88 nett Adult
RM44 nett Children

*Senior Citizen entitle for 25% discount on Dinner Buffet
*Credit Card discount of 20% (Call to check)
*Children below 6 years dine for FREE
*20% Discount for booking of 10 persons and above.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Yes, on Merdeka day 31st August 2016 Wednesday there will be a special buffet theme that served specialties food from different state of Malaysia. If your birthday months fall on August, congratulation! You are entitle for 50% discount, yes 50% DISCOUNT! If you bring along a National Flag and sing out loud “Negara Ku” you are entitle for a free cake! I just kidding on the second part, you are not required to sing but as long as you bring national flag then you are entitle for the free cake.

evergreenlb (1)

evergreenlb (2)

evergreenlb (3)

Salad bar consist of various fresh vegetable with dressing. Good start for buffet, get your stomach to kick start so that you can eat more.
evergreenlb (62)

Soup served are tomato soup and seafood soup, taking with bread to make it a complete meal. Seafood soup taste sour and spicy with assorted seafood in it, very appetizing.
evergreenlb (109)

Main Dishes included are Stir Fried Sambal Brinjal, Mixed Vegetable, Prawn, Lotus Leaf Rice, Fried Bee Hoon, Ayam Kapitan, Steamed Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Deep Fried Chicken Chop, Grilled Lamb Chop…etc. We are surprise by the good flavor of Lotus Lead Rice, it has been long time we never eat such great flavor Lotus Leaf Rice, other than that Ayam Kapitan are cook to flavor which has strong hint of curry fragrance, steamed fish in sweet and sour sauce taste good as well.
evergreenlb (000)

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