Claypot Crab Rice at Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant

Visited Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant sometime ago and sorry for the poor image as it was taken with my N5800. Read a few blogger comment on this restaurant, mix feedback from few blogger hence I decide to try it out myself.
For sure Claypot Crab Rice RM40 is a must, their most popular dish. Like other said, the rice is actually tasteless and hard while the crab is good which is fresh and sweet. Guess we are going on the right season for fresh crab.

Sizzling Squid RM6, squid cook with dark soy sauce in sizzling plate. Right timing on cook time for squid, squid is soft and tender but the sauce is just salty and nothing much.

Kam Heong Mantis Prawn RM8, mantis prawn is super small and flour is more than mantis prawn, not really taste like normal Kam Heong as well.

Receipt, reasonable price.

Overall, it was quite dissapointed as our expectation on their signature Claypot Crab Rice is too high.


Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant
1663 Jalan Paboi Pathau, Bukit Tambun
14100 Simpang Empat, S.P.S. Pulau Pinang
016 504 1815
N5 16.437 E100 27.457

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