Kimberley Street Koap Chiap

Kimberley Street(仙头街), a memorable 500meter long street pack with hawker stalls and kopitiam. Koap Chiap is one of the very famous hawkers here which selling for almost 30 years.
It located just on the road side; you can’t miss the always crowded hawker stall. Due to the fact that only few table available it was quite hard to get an empty table but you may sit opposite and have them deliver to you.
Kimberly Street Koay Chap

This small stall has around 5 workers to serve the high volume of order either for dine in or take away.
Kimberly Street Koay Chap

Duck Koay Chiap RM6(Big), Duck Meat, Duck Blood, Pig Ear, Pig Intestines and Stewed Egg covering the whole bowl of Koay Chiap and that just cost RM6.
Koay Chiap is made of flour, thin layer of flour cook and cut into small pieces, producing a soft and smooth Koay Chiap, texture like Koay Teow but thicker and size different.
Duck Meat, Blood, Pig Ear and Intestines is very fresh and absorbing the strong herbal soup, personally I like the Pig Ear very much as it very delicious while the “tiny” pieces of duck meat will be better if it will to be cut bigger slice.
Stewed Egg is really good and full of herbal taste.
Soup is really delicious and the right level of herbal taste make it perfect to even drink all, mix with Chili Paste is another best alternative to enrich the soup with spiciness and sourness.
Kimberly Street Koay Chap

Opposite Koay Chiap is Dessert stall selling various type of dessert.
Kimberly Street Si Kuai Teng

Si Koh Teng (四果汤) RM2.50, Ginkgo, Dried Longgang and Jelly in clear soup. It quite expensive consider the minimum amount of ingredient but I like the clear soup which not cloudy and the right amount of sweetness
Kimberly Street Si Kuai Teng

I rate based on the Koay Chiap only, it a 5 stars Koay Chiap and the best I ever tried.


Lebuh Kimberley, Penang, Malaysia.
6.30pm – 11.30pm (Closed Thursday)

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