Tomyam Mee and Curry Mee in Golden Happy Cafe

Golden Happy Café located in Sungai Nibong, famous for its hawker food which previously located in Teluk Bayan Hawker Center.
Environment is not that spaces and inside is actually quite stuffy.
Our intention is to try out the famous Beef Noodle but unfortunately it was closed that day.

Tom Yam Mee is one of the famous hawker, keep the standard from previous location. Sour and Spicy soup with prawns is very appetite.

Curry Mee, at first I thought the black thingy is cuttlefish but I was wrong. It was actually chicken with sweet black sauce, tasty to be included inside the curry mee.
Too bad this curry mee only serve boiled cuttlefish which not my flavor, I prefer Air Itam Curry Mee which taste better.

Pattaya Fried Rice, I like their sambal which very spicy and added flavor to the fried rice.

Thai Fried Rice, just normal. Nothing really special

Cheese Pancake and Raisi+Cheese Pancake, Cooked one side and filling inside with peanut, sugar and cheese or raisin, thin layer of skin is crispy while soft inside. It was best eat during hot to enjoy the crispy skin with sweet and salty from the cheese from inside.

Definetely will come back to try Beef Noodle again, stay tune for our update.

Golden Happy Cafe
749, Jalan Sultan Azan Shah
Sungai Nibong,
11900 Penang.
N5 20.256 E100 17.889

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