Strawberry Ice Cream at Green View Nursery and Café (绿景园)

Green View Nursery & Café (绿景园) normally will be the first shop you visit coz it on half way up to Cameron Highland, big shop offer wide variety of vegetable and dessert.
We have stop in this shop twice for it’s dessert, once when we drive up and another round during our way back
Green View Cameron

Strawberry Strudel RM6.90, layer of puff and strawberry with cream in between. A lot of fresh Strawberry inside the multilayer puff, sweet and sour with the puff is so delicious.
Strawberry Strudel

Close up to the half cut Strawberry.
Strawberry Strudel

This is the same as what we ate but bigger, just take a photo of it. RM24.90 for the whole piece seems to be cheap.
Strawberry Strudel

This is what we have during our way back, Strawberry Ice Cream. Chocolate Chip and Vanilla ice cream with Fresh Strawberry, Yummy!
Strawberry Ice Cream

Stop by Green View and take a break with delicious Strawberry Dessert for refreshment during your way up to Cameron Highland.

Green View Nursery & Café (绿景园)
11, Taman Matahari Cerah, 39010, Kampung Raja,
Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
6 05 - 4981 982 / 4912 061
N4 34.781 E101 22.757

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