Sushi Kappo Miyasaka Japanese Food Restaurant

Initially we plan to have our dinner at Aroi Thai but after go through the menu it more to Chu Cha style and only two of us hence we decide to go for宮坂割烹 Sushi Kappo Miyasaka.
The shop look to be expensive and we somehow feel that it operate by Japanese.
Sushi Kappo Miyasaka

Toothpick and Soy Sauce was kept inside a small tea pot.

Salad, a mixture of few vegetable but what surprise us is the dressing which tastes salty, something special but not really delicious.

Salmon Seiro Gohan RM32, the set come with Chawan Mushi, Miso Soup, Vegetable and Salmon Steamed Rice.
Salmon Rice

Salmon Steamed Rice, first layer is Salmon, second layer is egg mix with mushroom and last layer is the steamed rice.
Salmon Rice

Miso Soup, very smart by adding clam inside to increase the freshness and sweetness of soup.
Clam Miso Soup

Chawan Mushi, smooth egg white with mushrooms and one prawn inside
Chawan Mushi

Tempura Soba RM26, Tempura of 2 prawns, mushroom and some vegetable with one bowl of Soup Soba.
Tempura prawn is very fresh together with all other tempura which all is very crunchy and tasty.
Tempura Shoba

Tempura dips inside soup and take together with Soba.
Tempura Shoba

Tempura Soba soup is sweet and delicious, can somehow taste the soup is the essence from clam.
Tempura Shoba

Vanilla ice cream is just normal.
Vanilla Ice Cream

Overall, Sushi Kappo Miyasaka food is not bad but the price is a bit higher.


No.397, Burma Road, 10350 Penang
12.00pm - 3.00pm ; 6.00pm - 10.00pm
04-226 6251
Closed on Sunday
N5 25.909 E100 18.670

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