Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant

So happy to spot a new restaurant at Krystal Point and decide to bring my family to this new Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant.
The name obviously tell that it is a Thai Restaurant, it same row as Eighteen Wine & Dine Restaurant.
Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant

The first dish served is Tom Yam Seafood RM28, we are quite dissapointed with the Tom Yam Soup as it only spicy, without any Tom Yam taste and the spicy level is really extreme.
It was too spicy and overlap whatever you eat after, the prawn, fish meat and squid given is little but at least it is fresh. Avoid order this dish if you cannot take spicy.
Tom Yam Seafood

Pandan Chicken RM15, Chicken meat is hard and tasteless.
Pandan Chicken

Steamed Tuk Tuk Fish RM28, 8 small pieces of fish meat wrapped with mince prawn meat steamed with soy sauce. Fish meat is fresh and it taste not bad but the price is quite high.
Fish Meat

Prawn Cake RM18, 6 pieces of deep fried prawn cake. Prawn was chop into small pieces and deep fried to golden color, taste normal.
Prawn Cake

Crispy Kang Kong RM15, Kang Kong deep fried with flour. Honestly if your teeth is not strong, you need to avoid this dish as it was hard and not crispy at all.
Deep Fried Vegetable

We will charge RM116.50, including of white rice (RM1 each), nut (RM2) and service charge RM5.55, I would say for the quality of food this is very expensive.

Very dissapointed and feel sorry to my family member for bringing them to a restaurant that serve “not so good” food and very expensive.
Well, this is my first and last time to visit this shop.

Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant
Address: 303-01-30 Krystal Point,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Penang.
11.00am – 2.30pm
6.00pm – 10.00pm
N5 19.889 E100 17.836

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9 thoughts on “Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant

  1. i saw what you said don't be silly. It's very nice to eat best thai food I've ever eaten!I don't think you ate thai food before, thai food is suppose to spicy but you can tell the waiter or waitress don't let it to be too spicy. It's the best thai food i ever eatten in my life.So if you haven't try it go straight to try it!Obviously you have a hidden agenda behind you.
    What are you up to?

  2. well, anonymous…
    you know… whether the food is delicious or not, it's very subjective…
    for god sake, it's a food blog… it's meant to give comments… whether it's good or bad…
    if you beg to differ, you like the food, it's okay… just don't come and accuse people having hidden agenda…

    [ btw you seem agitated… who's the one having hidden agenda here… =)]

  3. i been there once, the same thing is i felt that the foods served bit slow, we wait for almost 45min! And, the foods was okay, not really in the words of "original thai"! In addition, the price was expensive! We had 5 dishes that cost us alomost rm 200. As for rm200, we got 8 dishes and bigger portion in KhunTai where it's a famous thai restaurant in butterworth.

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