Kelang Lama Laksa and Chai Kuih

Kulim Kelang Lama Laksa and Chai Kuih are very famous and according to some people this stall Laksa is the best in Penang (mainland). It not easily to find this shop as it hide inside residential area, what can help you to identified the location is to either follow GPS coordinate I provided or look for SJK(C)Kelang Lama (老火较华文小学)。
I have tried Laksa couple of time before and it not really the best I had but it was well above average.
Chai Kuih is really my favorite and even the Aunty remembers me because I use to buy like 50 – 100 pieces every time.

Kelang Lama Laksa is home business, the shop is exactly inside owner house. They do serve Laksa and Ais Kacang, special Laksa Cracker was provided for you to dip inside Laksa soup or you can take it with Hae Koe.

Small Laksa RM2.50, Big Laksa RM3.00, Laksa Soup Only RM1.30. They don’t add Hae Koe (Shrimp Paste) for you instead they allow you to add on the amount of your own preference. Hae Koe further enhance the spicy and sour Laksa flavor, it as well make the Laksa a little bit sweet to mutual down the spiciness and sourness.
I know some people like this type of noodle they served but I not really like as it was not Q and a little bit hard compare to normal Penang Laksa.

A whole air tied container of Laksa Cracker was provided in each and every table, 20cent each. You can dip Laksa Cracker inside Laksa soup or take it together with Hae Koe, crunchy cracker dip inside the Laksa soup is very delicious.

Ais Kacang with extra milk RM1.90, a little bit regret to add extra milk as it was too sweet but it was really the best combination with Laksa, their Ais Kacang did not melt even after we finish our Laksa and the secret is after churn out the ice they use to compress it and make it hard which help to keep the ice from melting easily.

Inside Ais Kacang have various of ingredients like Leong Fun, Corn, Peanut, Nutmeg and Red Bean.

Next is my all time favorite Chai Kuih RM0.50/pcs, choice of jicama(Mengkuang) or Ku Chai. This is homemade Chai Kuih and always finish fast, you can pre order by calling 04 4901387.
I prefer jicama Chai Kuih as I don’t take KuChai, stir fried jicama with dried shrimp wrapped with crystal like dough skin, skin is soft and transparent and what surprise me is no matter how long you keep it, it always soft and never become hard.
Fried Garlic Oil is the secret to keep the skin smooth and soft was enhance the tastiness of ChaiKuih,

Kelang Lama Laksa, best in Kulim I would say but compare to Penang it was not on my top list.

Kelang Lama Chai Kuih, my all time favorite.

Kelang Lama, 09000 Kulim, Kedah
Laksa 04-4904935
Chai Kuih 04-4901387
11am to 6.30pm (Monday Off)
N5 23.402 E100 34.065