Hooi Kee Steamboat

Long ride to Raja Uda to try out Zhi Wei Steamboat but sadly it was close, has no choice but to select other steamboat restaurant and Hooi Kee Steamboat cross my mind so we decide to try it out since we has never taste it before, it was quite far away from Raja Uda as Hooi Kee located in Bukit Mertajam, luckily we have accurate GPS that lead us to the shop. Honestly it not easy to find especially at night because the road is quite dark and most of the shop lot close at night. Hooi Kee Steamboat has 3 shop lot, very spaces but quite hot as no air-con even though they have big fan blowing around.

We ordered the smallest steamboat which cost RM30, you have a choice of RM30 – RM150 depend on how many person in one table.
Tom Yam and Clear Soup was selected but the clear soup is quite disappointed as it not broth instead it just plain water with few pieces of cabbage while the Tom Yam soup is very spicy and lack of sourness and sweetness.

Two plate of ingredients was served, first plate consist of mushroom, fish ball, pork ball, corn and cuttlefish. Mushroom is really thick, cuttlefish is fresh same goes to the pork and fish ball.

Second plate of ingredients, I call this plate as seafood plate as it consist of 4 big white prawns, squid, fish meat, golden mushroom and chicken meat. Prawns is big and fresh, I like the fish meat very much because of the thick cut and extremely fresh, best to cook in the clear soup to remain the freshness of fish meat.

First out from the steamboat is the fresh big prawns.

Other that steamboat, we did order Deep Fried Taufu as our side dishes. Crunchy outside and soft inside, but the dipping sauce is salty and full of vegetable, out of expectation, taste better to dip with the chili sauce.

Overall the steamboat experience is just normal because the soup is not so tasty especially the Tom Yam Soup which only spicy but the ingredients is fresh.

Hooi Kee Steamboat
Taman Sri Rambai, 14000, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia

N5 20.778 E100 26.786

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