Coconut Palm Delicious Seafood Restaurant椰林海鲜

Coconut Palm Delicious Seafood Restaurantis椰林海鲜 located around Pulau Tikus and it was a Chu Char restaurant house in a super big bungalow with full air-conditioning, so are we going to be charge bungalow price? You will know by end of this review. Parking space is pretty big but during dinner time a lot of double or triple parking is happening here and there.
It is always advisable to make reservation upfront during peak period.

Braised Nut RM2.00 each, it tastes exactly like the packaging braised nut where you can get it in almost every market.

Baked Crab RM114, we ordered 3 big crabs and the size of the crab is bigger than my palm. The best and simplest way for truly enjoying and tasting the freshness of a crab is to bake it, love the simplicity and extravagant great taste of baked crab, the bloody red color of crab shell, the intense aroma and sweetness of crab meat is simply irresistible.

Red Snapper RM55, cook in sweet, spicy and sour sauce. It is indeed very appetite and tasty, fish is fresh and absorbing the rich flavor from the soup with some mint leave on top to further enhance the flavor.

Bangkok Chicken RM12, consider as their signature dish where everyone is ordering it. It tastes more to sweet side while the meat is tender soft.

Dragon Ball RM10, the name is so extreme and memorable, it actually a steamed egg which consists of chicken egg and duck egg aka salty egg. It is extremely smooth and soft with the salty egg in place has created a special texture.

Kai Lan RM12, stir fried Kai Lan is a little bit expensive for it portion but taste is just good.

There is an expensive coconut that cost RM25 which we never try but if you are interested, feel free to try it out and share with us.
Overall Coconut Palm restaurant serving delicious food for reasonable price.

188 Jalan Burma, Georgetown 10350 Penang
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:00pm - 11:00pm
Open Daily
N5 25.642 E100 18.995

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