Aji Noren Japanese Food Restaurant 味暖帘日本料理

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You can simply find a Japanese Restaurant somewhere in Penang, it just located anywhere, anytime to serve your hungry stomach. Aji Noren Japanese Restaurant is located around Tanjung Tokong, shop lot opposite Island Plaza. Nice environment in Aji Noren, decorated with a lot of wood and partition for all table to create high level of privacy for your dining.
Aji Noren Japanese Restaurant

A big book shelf with ton of Japanese comics just right after the entrance, if you are Japanese reader then get yourself one of the comic while waiting for your meal to be served.
big book shelf

Very cute toothpick container with Japanese design cup.
toothpick container

Kushi Katsu Set Dinner RM20, a portion of curry cook with vegetable that include of carrot and onion that create a well curry which contains of sweetness from the vegetable and the originality of curry spiciness, accompany with two stick of deep fried pork meat, the pork meat use is pork rib where the meat is extremely soft and juicy.
Kushi Katsu Set Dinner
Kushi Katsu Set Dinner

Bento A, Sashimi, Unagi, Ebi Tempura, Korokke RM48. A big piece of Unagi, three tempura prawn, three pieces salmon sashimi, three pieces tuna sashimi, egg and deep fried croquette. Unagi is quite disappointed even though the portion is big and the sweet sauce is delicious but the Unagi itself is very chewy and a lot of small bones in it. Tempura prawn is big and fresh while crispy outside, perfect to deep into the soup provided or taken together with wasabi.
Salmon Unagi Ebi Tempura Korokke Bento

Salmon and Tuna sashimi is very fresh and delicious.
Salmon and Tuna sashimi

Deep fried croquette, mainly made of potatoes with onion and some meat and deep fried to golden color, portion is big and delicious, it taste more to sweet and salty.
Deep fried croquette

I would recommend Aji Noren for your next Japanese dining due to the excellent food provided and environment.

4 Star Rating
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Aji Noren Japanese Restaurant 味暖帘日本料理
98-G-35, Prima Tanjung, Jalan Fettes, Bandar Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Penang, Malaysia.
04-899 4720
Business Hours:
Lunch 12.00pm-2.00pm
Dinner 6.00pm-10.00pm
(Closed on Monday)
N5 27.047 E100 18.287

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