Lolipot Shabu Shabu Steamboat nearby Queensbay Mall

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Another new steamboat restaurant opening at Bay Avenue nearby Queensbay Mall, Lolipot Steamboat. They have two different session, afternoon session is ala carte set of either Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Beef or Seafood set while dinner time is buffet. On our visit we expected to enjoy buffet but sadly no buffet at lunch time but since we are there so we left with no choice but to try out the ala carte set which come with reasonable price of RM15.90 to RM21.90. Buffet style is RM30++, various type of fish ball and vegetable serving on conveyor belt like Sushi King for your selection.
Lolipot Shabu Shabu Steamboat

Tableware are all special crave with the word Lolipot and using white color which make it look very clean, well it still new so expected to be clean and look new.
Lolipot Shabu Shabu Steamboat

There is three different type of soup available, we selected all three which is Tom Yam, Clear Soup and Rice Wine Soup. Picture below is the Rice Wine Soup, the flavor of rice wine is not strong as what I expected while the clear soup is totally disappointed because it was just plain water taste. Tom Yam is too sweet, short of sour, spicy and tom yam flavor. Honestly they may improve over their soup to have stronger flavor because all those fish ball are heavy depend on the soup to create some flavor.
Milky Soup
Dipping Sauce

We ordered three different set which is Lamb, Pork and Seafood, actually all are the same except the meat slice and seafood is different according to your set. We have total of 3 boat like bowl of fish ball and vegetable, each bowl has around 20 types of ingredients which is quite a lot.
Steamboat Ingredients

Included in the bowl is golden mushroom, vegetable, mushroom, pork ball, sausage, fish ball and tofu.
Fish Ball Mushroom Sausage Tofu

A small bowl of rice is included for every lunch set.
Fish Ball Mushroom Sausage Tofu

All three set lunch main dishes are below, Lamb, Seafood and Pork. Lamb is look rather attracting while the seafood and pork is not so attracting.
Seafood Set

Five slice of lamb, which is quite tasty and fresh.
Slice pork

Seafood set included 4 pieces of muscle, 4 prawns and few pieces of fish meat. Overall just normal because not white prawn instead the prawn use was quite small and not really fresh.
Muscle prawn and fish meat

Pork slice, pork has no flavor so best to take with some chili or soy sauce.
chicken meat

Let Start! Each person has one dedicated steamboat and self control of the heating level but the heating level is either on or off only. Below is the clear soup which shown pretty plain water like color right?
Lolipot Shabu Shabu Steamboat

You get to choose dessert of ice cream for each set and free flow of drinks. Overall it was just normal for Shabu Shabu because the meat slice is not up to expectation but the portion of fish ball is quite a lot and enough to fill your stomach, again I think the soup still have room for improvement.

3 Star Rating
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B-16-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 3, Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
11.00AM – 3.00PM
6.00 PM – 11.00 PM
N5 20.249 E100 18.421

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