Pork Ball Noodle at Chun Heong Cafe Bangsar

Chun Heong Café is located at Bangsar KL and you will be asking why we know this place, well the story begin from the time we study at KL where below Pork Ball Noodle and Pork Stomach Noodle is almost our weekly never miss meal. We never miss out our old time memory on ever visit to KL. The coffee shop is actually quite small, pack and hot but you just to accommodate for good food, parking is another headache so be there early and try your luck.
Pork Stomach Noodle

Pork Stomach Noodle, Pork Stomach slice with spicy black pepper soup is what make us mouth watering, the soup is very delicious with the black pepper in it but some people might complain because it was quite spicy compare to normal pork stomach noodle. Pork stomach is soft and just nice for a bite.
Pork Stomach Noodle
Pork Stomach Noodle

Pork Ball Noodle, one of the famous pork ball noodle in KL which always crowded. We prefer the dry version as the dark sauce pork mince is really delicious with another small bowl of pork ball and soup, the pork ball is a little chewy and taste extremely delicious.
Pork Ball Noodle
Pork Ball Noodle

Other than black sauce pork mince there is one slice of Lap Cheong(Chinese Dried Sausage), the Lap Cheong is really precious because only one small piece given.
Pork Ball Noodle

My coconut drink!
coconut drink

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Chun Heong Café
Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
N3 07.652 E101 40.179

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