32 At The Mansion

This review was happen on January, we are too busy before and during Chinese New Year, did not update much on our food blog for quite some time, really sorry to our reader. We are back and into action now, more delicious food is coming up next. 32 at The Mansion, I believe most of you know this restaurant, gain popularity because of the romantic environment, dim light with candle and classic song playing at background.

Before we start, I need to emphasize that all picture taken with hand phone ONLY, why? Because when I hook up the external flash and flash for two time then we get warning for not using flash so we might as well give up and given an opportunity for our new phone C6-01 to show off, so picture below are all taken with C6-01 without auto-focus function 8mp phone.
Rack of Lamb set

The set package does have few varieties for your selection and we selected Salmon RM72 and Rack of Lamb RM78, which came with Salad, Coffee/Tea and Dessert.
Salad served various type of vegetable which I not able to call out it name with dressing that taste a little bit sour and herb flavor.

Garlic Bread RM4, this is an extra order because the package doesn’t have garlic bread, sound weird to us. Really regret to ordered this because it doesn’t has the fragrance of garlic or butter at all, it just taste like a plain toast if it will to compare with the best Garlic Bread at Bubba Gump(KL) we have some time ago.
Garlic Bread

Top up RM5 for mushroom soup, it taste not bad with mushroom chop into small pieces and cook with mushroom sauce.
mushroom soup

This is the normal soup that bundle with the package, it taste just normal.

Salmon Set, one slice of grill Salmon with some potato on side and pickle underneath. Salmon is not really fresh as we can taste the fishy smell and salmon skin is not crispy with the sauce that rather tasteless, if you prefer to have a nice Salmon I recommend you to try out Ferringhi Garden Grill Salmon which is cheaper and taste a lot better.
Salmon Set

Rack of Lamb set, three pieces of grill Lamb Rack with mash potato and sauce, disappointed again after the Salmon just because it’s tasteless again, why not some salt and grill to bring the natural Lamb taste out?
Rack of Lamb set
Rack of Lamb set

Our Coffee, as we don’t expect much and they delivery just what we expect, hope you understand this statement.

Apple Turnover, it doesn’t have apple flavor and a little bit hard I would say.
Apple Turnover

Tiramisu, Tiramisu at Manhattan Fish Market taste even better.

Gov Tax 6% and Service Tax10%, tax alone cost us RM25.44, with total bill of RM184.45 for the disappointing dinner we have, I really not recommend this shop if you don’t want to spoil your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/family… mood. I conclude their selling point is environment instead of food, in another word that I will not go back again.

1 Star Rating
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32 at the Mansion
32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang
04-262 2232
N5 23.413 E100 19.978

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