Happy Chinese New Year! Sushi King Yee Sang(捞生)

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all our beloved reader, thanks for the support in the past few months. Your support greatly motivated us to contribute more, feel free to recommend your fried to our site and "like" our facebook!

Yee Sang also known as YeSheng which consist of raw fish slice, various type of shredded vegetable, peanut and sweet sauce. Yee Sang was started pretty long time ago in Singapore and Malaysia by Chinese community, Chinese consume it during Chinese New Year by mixing it around and toss it high into the air with chopstick while saying out loud your wish for the coming year, which as well symbolism of "good luck" for the new year

Sushi King has Yee Sang promotion on every Chinese New year which cost RM8.88(Small) and RM38.88(Large). We had the RM8.88 small dish and it was pretty big for two people, the ingredient is slightly different from the traditional Yee Sang, in this small plate it does include Crab Meat Stick, Salmon Fish, Scallop and Cucumber, dressing is sweet sauce. It tastes good and it as the 3 consecutive years we ate this.

Kong Xi Fa Cai and wish our reader Healthy Always(We know you eat so much after reading our blog!)!