Cherry Sweet Thai Food

It was quite some time ago since our last visit to Cherry Sweet Thai Food Restaurant, this restaurant has two name Cherry Sweet or BKT Genting Leisure Park Restaurant, I have no idea why they have two name as the signage is Cherry Sweet but the bill slip showing BKT Genting Leisure Park Restaurant. Restaurant is located near to Gurney and inside a big old bungalow equip with air-con, you need to take some stair case as the house is more toward the golden age rumah tinggi.
Cherry Sweet Thai Food Restaurant

Thai signature dish is definitely Tom Yam, we ordered Tom Yam Prawn RM16, the Tom Yam soup is spicy and sour which really appetite but sadly they use fresh water prawn which is hard and small, it will be perfect if white prawn was use for Tom Yam Prawn.
Tom Yam Seafood

Han Chin Chicken RM12, chicken meat is cut into small pieces cook with sweet sauce and top with sesame seeds, the sauce is quite sweet but it was good taken with white rice but the chicken meat is a little bit hard.
Han Chin Chicken

Kana Oyster Sauce RM8, stir fried vegetable with oyster sauce taste good with the crunchiness of vegetable and oyster sauce freshness.
Kana Oyster Sauce

Tab Tim Grob, water chestnuts and jackfruit mix together in coconut milk, not much flavor and the ice is way too much dilute the coconut milk making it almost tasteless.
Tab Tim Grob
Tab Tim Grob

Quite disappointed with the quality of food, it drop so much compare to our last visit.
2 Star Rating
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Cherry Sweet Thai Food
8, Clove Hall Road, 10050 Penang
Tel: 04-227 6758
Business hours: Noon to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm
Close: Wednesday

N5 25.398 E100 19.480

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