Sushi King RM2 Bonanza Is Back in 2011

Dear reader, are you all ready to grab some sushi at Sushi King, RM2 Bonanza is back and Sushi Lover should never miss this opportunity.

We just went to Gurney few hours back and people are queuing, waiting for the RM2 plate of sushi.

Taste...iest Top Tips, we have better experience at Juru and E-Gate Sushi King as they serve more variety with more purple and red plate such as Unagi Sushi. Gurney has really limited choice and for the one hour we sat there just a few type of Sushi on the belt not even Unagi. I remember on last RM2 bonanza where we ate at Juru and Egate, they even deliver Unagi to every customer, they ensure all customer are satisfy.

Hope you enjoy the promotion and do share with us which Sushi King Outlet giving the best hospitality and most variety served.