Fruuze Frozen Yogurt at Strait Quay

Lately we hang out a lot at Strait Quay, after tasting Bella Marino and Charlie Brown now is time for some dessert, Fruuze Frozen Yogurt is our target.
The shop has very pinky design on counter and dining area furnish with wood and relaxing chair and table. No doubt a good place to hang out with friend for a session of chit chat.

Fruuze Yogurt came with 4 different flavor, original, blueberry, strawberry and mango price from Rm6.50 to RM16.00.
Fruuze Yogurt is like ice cream which texture exactly the same as J.COOL Yogurt Ice Cream which gave a creamy texture and taste sour.
Various type of topping available ranging from fruit, chocolate, sweet and nuts, the portion of topping given is less compare to J.COOL.

Fruuze Frozen Yogurt

If it is the first in Penang to serve Yogurt Ice Cream then it will be top of the list but after tasting J.COOL it behind the list.
3 Star Rating

3A-G-22, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,10470 , Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
N5 27.477 E100 18.805

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Fruuze Frozen Yogurt at Strait Quay
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