Family Meal at Young Heart

Update: This restaurant has closed down.

Well, this is our second visit to Young Heart Restaurant, as it promoting healthy food hence good idea to bring parent for dinner at this restaurant, you may follow this link for our first visit review. Well, on second visit we have some unhappy encounter and some info below might not be 100% correct, we will explain why on bottom of this review.

Pickled Lotus Root RM3.50 is a type of starter or we can call it as dessert as well, it marinated with sugar and vinegar for a period, lotus root fully absorb the sweet and sour flavor. It has crunchy bite and sweet taste, as well the lotus root circular stenciled patterns is delight for the eye as well.

4 person Set Meal RM59.80 (4 Dishes + 1 Soup + Rice/Noodle)
Lotus Soup cook with pork meat, soup is tasty.

Stir Fried Cabbage just normal

Duck and Pork meat

Teriyaki Sauce Prawn, deep fried prawn and top with sweet and sour sauce. White prawn is fresh and crispy skin and the sweet and sour sauce is delicious.

Well, one thing I dislike on second visit is the attitude of the owner, when I trying to take photo of the menu for the package we took she scream at me, I understand that some restaurant don’t allow you to take their menu photo but please respect your customer by telling us not to take and I will be more than happy to delete it from my camera. Honestly we are quite disappointed as I has been reviewing so many restaurant and taking so much menu and this shop is the one stop me with such kind of manner. I would strongly advice the owner to learn manner from her staff, her staff is much more polite and showing great respect to customer.

44A, Jalan Cantonment, 10350 Penang, Malaysia.
12.00noon-10.00pm (Closed on Monday)
604-228 8084
N5 25.810 E100 18.680

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