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Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat 紫薇園魚頭火炭爐 and Goh Huat Seng Charcoal Burning Steamboat, the different here is 88 Steamboat offer buffet style which mean you can eat till you full. RM18.80 for adult and RM11.80 for kids and seniors. It located along Kampung Melayu, just opposite Sin Kang School. 88 Steamboat offer more than 50 choices of ingredients and few different type of soup with steamboat and grill pot.
Steamboat Ingredients

88 Steamboat is located just beside hawker stall, it has a huge space that can accommodate many table and it open air. Recommended to go after 7pm else it will be pretty hot to sit outside.
88 Steamboat
88 Steamboat

The dual steamboat pot allow two different type of soup, the tom yam soup is quite tasty. Beside the steamboat, you may as well grill using the hot plate beside the pot.

Let look at the ingredients, I can’t list down the 50+ ingredients provided by it does include seafood, vegetable, meat and fish ball. Ingredients is fresh and one thing I do appreciate is they keep refilling and no empty trap.
Steamboat Ingredients
Steamboat Ingredients
Steamboat Ingredients
Steamboat Ingredients

According to the owner, certain sauce they do it themselves and I highly appreciate for their delicious sauce which is very tasty for grilling such as clam and squid.
Dipping Sauce

Remember to look for this sambal sauce, it is so tasty and strong in flavor. It not really spicy but has good flavor to grill the squid or clam.
Dipping Sauce
Dipping Sauce

Let us show you how we cook the clam, when the clam open up, put more sauce in it and immediately can be eat so that it not overcook.
Cooking Shell with Dipping Sauce
Cooking Shell with Dipping Sauce
Cooking Shell with Dipping Sauce
Boiling and Grilling together
Steamboat BBQ

After long hour of cooking, the aluminum foil become black and burn, you can always request the owner to replace a new one for you and they are very generous to do that.
Burning Alluminium Foil

On our visit they serve this super huge jungle banana, it not easy to get even in market. The size is very big and the texture is different compare to normal banana.

This is our dessert, jelly. It taste just normal.
Strawberry Jelly

For just RM18.80 it really worth a try, their sauce is really special and tasty. The owner as well very friendly and keep asking us whether want to take photo for us or not, so lovely.
3 Star Rating

88 Steamboat4, Lintang Kampung Melayu,11500 Bandar Baru Ayer Itam, Penang.
016-406 6892
N5 24.025 E100 17.361

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6 thoughts on “88 Steamboat Buffet

  1. im a regular customer at 88 steamboat bukit tinggi klang..here they have live prawns, and grill stand which put separately from the bbq table.but i wish to come here one time..due to some reason,i regularly back and forth to penang..whenever i wants to eat steamboat, i just have it at seoul garden (near to my house,autocity)..but i told u, the prices seriously expensive..for 2 person eat, they cost u RM88..but then i have no choice..maybe i should try here next time i go to penang.

    1. Hi Amsi, RM88 is seriously expensive. In Penang you can get a lot more cheap deal. you may search “steamboat” in search bar (top right) and get a list of steamboat that is cheap and good.

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