Awfully Chocolate

Another Singapore food review with light snack sharing this round, Awfully Chocolate is pretty famous in Singapore where the business started at 1998 as chocolate cake and gradually more and more dessert such as chocolate cake, ice-cream, cup cake, dark chocolate and kahlua bar.
What we had here is Dark Chocolate Truffles which cost SGD13 per100g, hand cut truffles sold by weight which mean you can buy only 2 pieces like what we did.
The dark chocolate has a very rich chocolate flavor and it not too sweet, instead it has a mild bitter taste which is flavor I looking for, as pure dark chocolate must had some bitter taste rather than just sweet.
Awfully Chocolate

Specially like the presentation of small box, it was nicely decorated and great to be a gift for friends or love one.
Awfully Chocolate

I rate 5 star chocolate as it truly awesome and well deserved to be call a great dark chocolate.
5 Star Rating

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