D-Plus Bread at Singapore

Enjoying my almost a month of travel down to Singapore for work purpose, work not really my primary focus as food is what I am targeting for, better don’t let my boss see this. Well back to topic of food, what I going to share today is something light and good for breakfast, best thing is you get it almost everywhere in Singapore.
D-Plus Bread can be bought at any 7-11 in Singapore for SGD 1++ only, affordable and tasty.
D-Plus Bread is soft and fluffy because they use the premium Japanese wheat flour and latest baking technique which allow them to have longer shelf life.
Various type of flavor available for selection such as Blueberry, Caramel, Cheese, Chocolate, Hokkaido Cream, Maple, Melon, Peanut, Pumpkins, Purple Potato, Custard Cream…etc, such a long list of different flavor.
Personally I like Cheese and Custard Cream, which has rich flavor and love the fluffy texture.
If you so happen to be in Singapore, please buy a few for us. HeHe! Thanks First!

D-Plus Bread
D-Plus Bread
D-Plus Bread

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