The Difference of KFC Oregon

Well, I have to admit that I am crazy to try out KFC in Oregon since I can get it anytime, anywhere in Malaysia but every country KFC has different flavor and I like to know what is the difference between Malaysia vs US.
KFC in Oregon, at least the one I went is merge between A&W and KFC, you can see picture below where I had KFC chicken with A&W drinks.
Totally different type of flavor compare to Malaysia where Malaysian prefer to have some spiciness as we live in higher temperature region where spicy is just our favorite while in US they had Grilled, Original and Extra Crispy chicken. All chicken meat is trans fat which is much more healthy, I think I know why as I observed a lot people overweight.

Extra Crispy Chicken meat, the skin is really crispy but it was too salty, you just can’t take much of the skin compare to our spicy crispy skin which taste much more better.

Well, I would call it bun if I’m in Malaysia today but here they call it flaky biscuit which is much more moisturize and solid.

Butter and Honey is provided but this is for the flaky biscuit or others, which I really not sure and never try it as well. My guess would be for the flaky biscuit.

If to compare to Malaysia KFC, I personally prefer our local Spicy Crispy KFC chicken as the US version is way too salty.