Duck Confit Handburger at The Handburger Singapore

My friend told me must try this handburger if I happen to visit Singapore, (oh ya, I spell it correctly, handburger instead of hamburger) because this is one of the best burger you can get in town. Why they name it “Hand” “Burger”, according to their philosophy, everything serve on table are prepare by their hand which including the bread, not only that they emphasize on healthy food and has a great vision to turn the perception of “burger is a junk food”.
Mushroom Soup
Duck Confit Burger

Duck Confit SGD16.8, grilled whole boneless duck leg confit in handmade orange sauce, baby snow pea sprouts, mandarin oranges on a bed of coral lettuce and a tomato on a toasted caramelized bun. Option to choose side dishes either Chunky Fries, House Salad or Mushroom Soup.
Duck Confit Burger

Big portion of boneless duck leg which is marinated and pan fried, great use of fresh fruit to lift the flavor. Too much use of raw vegetable such as coral lettuce and baby snow pea sprouts spoils the overall flavor, I have to pick out those raw vegetable one by one to avoid killing the overall flavor.
Duck Confit Burger

Mushroom soup with small pieces of cub cut mushroom taste good.
Mushroom Soup

Overall Duck Confit Handburger taste average, going to try other flavor on my next visit to Singapore.
3 Star Rating

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