Barbeque Grill at BarBQ Plaza Gurney Plaza

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First visit to Bar-B-Q Plaza at Gurney Plaza and we are really enjoy it. Saw online voucher company having promotion for this restaurant again hence we bought a few for family dinner.
Hot Plate Steamboat

Let start by preparing the dipping sauce, recommended to mix up everything and ask for extra lemon, squeeze the lemon into mix ingredients to create a fantastic dipping sauce. The dipping sauce taste savory, spicy and sour.
Dipping Sauce
preparing dipping sauce

Getting ready the hot plate by using pork lard to smoothen the hot plate surface, the pork lard is surprisingly lasting and the pork aroma increasing the flavor of the soup.
Oil Hot Plate Steamboat using pork lard

Here is our set.
bbq ingrendients

We had a total of 3 complete set, it quite a lot. Each set has either pork or beef, squid, prawn, chicken, noodle and some vegetable.
bbq set

All kind of meat is recommended for grill, placing the pork lard on top allow it melting down toward the meat.
grill pork slice

Starting by placing all vegetable on the soup while all kind of meat is for grilling.
steamboat and grill

Beef just a short duration cook will do as the thin slice cut allow it to cook within minute or even less.
steamboat and grill

Prawn served without shell and fully clean from intestine..
fresh cook prawn

After sometime of grilling, all the essence is collected in the broth. Putting in the ramen and take it with the soup is so delicious.
udon in steamboat

One of the best garlic rice, worth the upgrade.
garlic rice

5 Star Rating
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