Brinchang Cameron Highland Night Market

There is a place that you must not miss out when travel to Cameron Highland , Brinchang Cameron Highland Night Market is the only activity you can truly enjoy at night time. it has lot of local cuisine and some cheap stuff to grab. It operate on Friday and Saturday night from 6pm till 11pm, previously it was a nightmare to look for parking space but now they has one huge parking space available, it just right opposite the police station RM2 per entrance.
cameron brinchang night market

Right in front of the car park selling souvenir and this type of stall has at least 10, so remember to bargain for good price.
cameron night market

The most value for money no other than flower, here you can get super cheap flower. It not only cheap instead it very fresh as well, a good place to buy flower for your love one.

Same goes to vegetable as well, some stall are selling dirt cheap. I saw a bunch of asparagus selling here and it indeed very fresh compare to what we had in market here. Normally they sell vegetable by “selonggok”, which mean they stack one pile of various vegetable and sell for one fixed price.
fresh vegetable

Next will be the everyone favorite or everyone must buy Corn, it range from normal, pearl to honey. It very depend on how honest the seller is as some seller selling honey corn with high price but indeed it taste very bad and not fresh, look for stall that has good quality and average price is RM10 for 20 pieces (sometime you will get one extra free).
big pearl corn

Next is the famous deep fried mushroom, lot of people enjoy the fried mushroom here but honestly I don’t think is good because it was way too oily.
deep fried mushroom

They sell various type of deep fried mushroom and vegetable
deep fried mushroom
deep fried mushroom

This is what attracting us, road side Kenny Rogers. It has the grilling fragrance covering from mile away, great add on to your dinner.
bbq chicken
bbq chicken
bbq chicken

Another interesting stall will be the deep fried stick, it range from vegetable, fish ball, meat…etc
deep fried items

Others BBQ item selling here as well, it look to be very good.
grill chicken stick

There is a lot more other stuff you can get here such as cloth, fresh strawberry, food, flower, cactus…etc. Definitely a interesting place to hang out at night.

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Cameron Highland Night Market
Friday and Saturday Night
N4 29.653 E101 23.358

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