Cameron Highland Big Red Strawberry Farm

Once again we heading down to Cameron Highland for a relax trip, we never miss Big Red Strawberry Farm on our visit to Cameron Highland just because it was the best among the many farm in Cameron Highland .
Big Red Strawberry Farm

Big Red Strawberry Farm like other farmer in where they growth all vegetable using hydroponics system where only water use without soil.
Big Red Strawberry Farm

One big restaurant selling various kind of strawberry made dessert.
Big Red Strawberry Farm

My previous experience tell that Yogurt Strawberry is the best but it always too sweet if honey was added hence I ask them to remove honey this round and it proven to be very good.
Strawberry Yogurt
Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry Jelly with Cream, the jelly doesn’t has strawberry flavor instead it rose flavor, topping with strawberry balance the sourness of strawberry.
Strawberry Jelly
Strawberry Jelly

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4 Star Rating

Big Red Strawberry Farm
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
6 05-4913327
Open daily 8.30am – 5.30pm – Free Entrance
N4 29.775 E101 23.193

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