East Coast BBQ Seafood at Sungai Pinang Food Court

Return visit to our favorite food court, Sungai Pinang Food Court is now one of the top favorite place for tourist and local due to its huge variety of food selection. Well, it not necessary to get seafood at big restaurant, at here you can get East Coast BBQ seafood for much more reasonable price and the taste is at premium level.
Sungai Pinang East Coast BBQ

The most important for seafood to be delicious is fresh, as long as the seafood is fresh a simple bake or steam also very delicious. Almost every table ordered something from East Coast BBQ which mean their seafood is selling fast and that ensure freshness, as you can see their variety is not less but more than some seafood restaurant, ranging from fresh vegetable to seafood.
Fresh Seafood

Kam Heong Balitong RM8, stir fried with sambal, dried prawn and curry leave. It taste really good as when you suck the Balitong you will taste the sambal sauce as well, it not too spicy instead it has a little bit of sweet taste that really good.
Fried Lala
Grill Fish RM12, fish is nicely grill with a thin layer of chili paste on top served with small plate of chili paste and onion.
Grilled Fish

Kam Heong Kappa RM8, cook with the same sauce as Kam Heong Balitong which had a lot dried shrimp that give a very delicious flavor.
Kam Heong Lala

BBQ Yard Long Bean RM6, they invented a new way of cooking vegetable by BBQ it with chili powder, it retain the crunchiness of vegetable while the chili powder give good flavor to it.
BBQ Vegetable

BBQ Chicken Wing RM2.20 each, bbq with chili powder to crispy, it crispy outside and juicy inside. Very delicious.
BBQ Chicken Wing

Scallop RM4.50 cook with garlic on top, scallop is big in size and very fresh, we can even taste the sea salty flavor.
Garlic Scallop
Four Angled Bean (Kacang Botol) RM6 cook with Kam Heong sauce
Stir Fried Vegetable

BBQ Squid RM17, simple grill of squid and cut into small pieces, cooking time is prefect which make it not chewy at all instead it can be easily bitten off.
BBQ Squid

Overall East Coast BBQ is highly recommended place to hunt for seafood, simple preparation but delicious.
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5 Star Rating

Beside Jelutong Express Highway
Dinner Only
N5 23.973 E100 19.526

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