Restoran Nasi Padang Minang Halal Food

After finish our breakfast at Transfer Road Mamak Stall , time for us to walk around and take some photo in this historic town. Few hour after we move on for our next stop lunch which just opposite Transfer Road Mamak Stall , Nasi Padang Midang inside Kedai Kopi International Hotel. It is a very unique and “Satu Malaysia” shop, because the coffee shop owner is Chinese while the hawker stall operated by Malay, truly demo the unite among multi nation in Malaysia.
Kedai Kopi International Hotel

Eating in such old coffee shop definitely must ordered this old style Milk Tea, it always taste better than restaurant just because the surrounding give a warm feeling.
Teh Tarik

I am very impress by the variety offer here, bowl and bowl of dishes stacking on top of each other and a rough count at least 30 dishes available, range from vegetable, beef, chicken…etc.
Nasi Padang Midang
Nasi Padang Midang

Another famous dish is Grill Fish (Ikan Bakar).
Ikan Bakar

Gado-Gado RM6, fresh vegetable mix with peanut sauce is an Indonesian dish which exactly like western salad just the ingredient and sauce use is different.

Begedil RM1 each, is like mash potato but with the present of vegetable and meat in it.

Next few dishes we had here is Rendang Daging, Perut Masak Lemak, Gado-Gado and Ayam Beladu.
Rendang Daging and Ayam Beladu

Cencaru Belah Belakah RM6 each, deep fried fish stuff with sambal and onion, the onion and sambal deep fried together creating the crispy taste and it delicious.
Cencaru Belah Belakah

Ulam RM6, it is a very healthy dishes, raw vegetable dip with sambal provided.

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Kedai Kopi International Hotel, 92 Transfer Road, 10050 Penang
N5 25.273 E100 19.839

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