Transfer Road Mamak Stall Halal Breakfast

We are glad to be invited by Project Penang for Georgetown food hunt event, Project Penang is a joint effort by Ministry of Tourism, Penang Office and Penang Blogger. On our food hunting we will told to look for breakfast, lunch and dinner for halal and non-halal food so you should be expecting us to share with you very interesting food in Georgetown.

Our very first stop is Transfer Road Mamak Stall which famous for its Roti Canai serve with Curry Chicken and Mutton.
The chef is busy preparing the non-stop ordering of Roti Canai, the small stall itself has over 7 worker busy preparing various type of Roti Canai.
Baking Roti Canai
Transfer Road Mamak Stall

Every individual busy fulfilling their role with their specialize skill such as preparing the Roti Canai, Baking, Preparing Curry and Serving.
Transfer Road Mamak Stall

The best drink for breakfast is definitely Teh Tarik, it name came from the pouring process of milk tea during preparation that created a thick layer of bubble.
Teh Tarik

Our First Roti Canai served with Curry Chicken
Curry Chicken

Curry Mutton is very delicious, it a little bit spicy but has strong curry spice flavor and it very authentic.
Curry Mutton

Curry Chicken as well spicy a bit but the succulent chicken is delicious. Both Curry Mutton and Chicken cost RM10.60 while Roti Canai Kosong is RM1.30 and Roti Telur RM2.40.
Curry Chicken Roti Canai

Another interesting meal we had is Half Boiled Egg Roast Toast (Roti Bakar) RM2.40, a thin layer of butter apply on the roast toast and top with two half boiled egg, it totally different from Chinese version where Chinese version will have Kaya and the egg is served separately.
Roti Telur

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Transfer Road Side Mamak Stall
N5 25.246 E100 19.844

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