Unesco World Heritage Site Logan Heritage Restaurant Purple Sasa

Once again Taste…iest invited to food review, this time we are glad to review Restaurant Purple Sasa which located at Unesco World Heritage Site Logan Heritage. It right along bank street where huge crowd during lunch time and it kind of hard to get parking space. Purple Sasa Restaurant operated as restaurant in morning and afternoon session while live band bistro on night, another great place to hang out at night.
Restaurant Purple Sasa

Let start with their signature dish Loh Mee , three different type of serving RM5.30 for normal, RM6.90 for roasted pork or pork leg.
Mr. Khaw who is the original Carnavon Street Loh Mee heir from his uncle who started to sell Loh Mee in Penang for more than 40 years, with that many years of experience I can tell that this plate of Loh Mee is truly authentic.
I highly recommended Pork Leg Loh Mee. What make the Loh Mee different is the “loh” aka soup, duck egg use to stir in the starch soup which mix with various type of spice and good quality of soya sauce and dark sauce, which gave a smooth and spice fragrance taste.
Pork Leg Loh Mee

Even the egg provided is duck egg, braised for long hour to create a springy texture and fully absorb the soup taste into it. The Loh Mee is extremely big in portion, even after my review I bring my friend go on next day, both of them complain the portion is too big.
Braised Egg

My next favorite is Tom Yam Noodle with Seafood RM6.90, portion is huge with lot of ingredients such as fish ball, crab roll, prawn and vegetable. The spicy and sour tom yam soup is indeed very flavorful and make us sweat.
Tom Yam Noodle
Tom Yam Noodle

Next to introduce will be the one and only in Penang, Fried Chee Cheong Fun RM6.90, my first impression is this plate going to be very oily as Chee Cheong Fun has to be kept oily but surprisingly the fried Chee Cheong Fun is soft and not oily, it has almost the same flavor as Cha Koay Kak but the slight different is the addition of dried shrimp. The additional of dried shrimp gave a strong flavor that further improved it tastiness.
Fried Chee Cheong Fun

Rice Set Meal RM16.90, don’t be surprised by the expensive value shown, keep reading on and you will know why it cost that much.
The rice set can be either Curry, Assam Prawn, Steam Grouper, Chicken Curry or Black Pepper Pork Rice Set, served with Soup and Dessert of the day which is actually a 3 course meal, but what about drink? Yes they will free one glass of house pouring wine (Merlot), with that it become 4 course meal for just RM16.90.
Rice Set Meal

I recommended Assam Prawn rice set as the Assam prawn is truly delicious with strong Assam flavor which taste sour and sweet. Served in bamboo with various vegetable and fried egg.
Assam Prawn rice
Assam Prawn rice

Next will be a soup of the day, yes what you see is what you get. A bowl of soup with few big pieces of fish meat, I believe the picture can tell how delicious the soup should taste, with that amount of fish meat the soup is extremely delicious.

End the meal with a bowl of dessert, they cook different dessert everyday and on my second visit they give us dessert free of charge. Even it FOC but it not casual, they put their heart into cooking every dessert with rich ingredients.

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4 Star Rating

3A, Logan Heritage, Union Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
N5 25.094 E100 20.565

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