Asian BBQ Steamboat at Prangin Mall

Seem like another BarBQ style restaurant is open in Prangin Mall, it has exactly the same style as BarBQ Plaza Gurney where the same type of cooking pot and almost the same ingredients as well.
Asian BBQ Hot Plate
Steamboat Ingredients

They provide pork lard as well, which use to oil the cooking plate, together it has some homemade sauce which doesn’t taste that good compare to BarBQ Plaza Gurney .
Dipping Sauce

Portion wise it is actually pretty small, it has less ingredients but more ramen.
Pork Slice

Soup wise it not that tasty, I would say it taste like plain water.
Grilling Pork

Start cooking by placing all vegetable into the soup, barbeque the meat, let the meat essence flow down to the steamboat and later eat the ramen with soup.
Grilling Pork

Well, I would recommend Gurney Plaza BarBQ Plaza over here, you may read our review here BarBQ Plaza Gurney First Visit and BarBQ Plaza Gurney Second Visit
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2 Star Rating

Unit 6-7, Lot 4.10, Prangin Mall, 10010 Penang, Malaysia
Mon - Thu:12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Sat - Sun:11:00 am-10:00 pm
N5 24.878 E100 19.861

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