Cijin District KaohSiung City旗津老街

We take MRT and stop at O1SizihWan station西子湾, right in front the station exits there is couple of shop has bicycle and motorcycle for rent, we rent a 50cc motor NTD100/hour and that is our transportation for whole day. Drive to Ferry station and take Ferry to Cijin District.‎

Cijin District旗津老街 is a street that pack with hawker stall and restaurant.
Pork Thick Soup不一样赤肉羹packed with people and we have to queue for our ordered,
 Pork Thick Soup
Pork Thick Soup

Deep Fried Pork Meat

Braised Pork Rice肉燥飯, taste just normal and the amount of braised meat is so limited.

Pork Thick Soup赤肉羹, we love the deep fried pork meat as it very crispy and tasty, the soup has slight sour flavor with few big pieces of cabbage.

The pork thick soup is really tasty and I highly recommended you to ask for big bowl as small just not enough.
4 Star Rating

Moving down the street we smell something delicious, Grill Squid NTD50.
Grill Squid
Grill Squid

Squid size determine the price tag, the biggest is NTD50 which is the biggest.
Grill Squid

Apply sweet sauce and sesame on grilled squid layer by layer.
Grill Squid

Grill until a little burn mark which mean it ready to be served.
Grill Squid

NTD50 well spend here, the squid is nicely cook and the sauce is so delicious. It not chewy instead it easily bite off and the sesame increase flavor to better taste.
Grill Squid

Some other food stall along CiJin street.
Hawker Stall at Cijin Street

Mobile fun fair?
Mobile Fun Fair

Fresh cut tomato NTD40, we wonder why so many stall selling tomato here and the curiosity moving me toward ordering a plate.
A small bowl of dipping sauce provided, well! It not something ordinary, it has very strong ginger taste in it and we are caught in surprise.
Dipping the tomato into the ginger dipping sauce is something new but it taste good, tomato is crunchy and sweet.
 Fresh cut tomato
 Fresh cut tomato

CiJin District is all about food, it has a few tourist attraction but only if you post your own transport else it pretty far away.
You may try out seafood at here as well since it is a fisherman village as well.

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