Countless Variety of Food in Taiwan 7-11

Our very first stop is 7-11, it just simply because the food variety that attract us. It so huge different between Malaysia 7-11 compare to Taiwan, where in Taiwan the 7-11 sell lot of food and Starbuck like coffee.

Our first choice is definitely “Guang Dong Zhu” “関東煮” as it is so popular.
Various type if ingredients such as vegetable, fish ball, pork ball, pork blood, tofu, corn..etc are boiled in one big square cooker.
Self service by taking the empty container and take as much as you like, all ingredients charge per pieces range from NTD10 – 15

This is what we took, seaweed, pork ball, fish ball and white radish.
Honestly it not taste as good as we expected as ingredients is boiled for too long and all the sweetness is dilute into the soup.


Onigiri, is a type of Japanese famous food where rice wrapped with ingredients then pack with a huge piece of seaweed.

Various flavor available for selection.

Least but not least the famous Bento, it very fresh and you the juicy chicken is still very moisture.
We did not try as we keep our stomach for something later.

I hope our 7-11 can improve their food variety and that definitely will improve their business as well.

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