Downtown KLIA Seafood Restaurant

Our trip first meal started from KLIA downtown, it just few kilometers away from LCCT but not walking distance, so if you stay at TUNE hotel better find something to eat at Airport which just RM1 by taking the shuttle between Tune Hotel and LCCT Airport.

So happy to meet up my friend after few months never see each others.
He drive us down to Downtown KLIA Seafood restaurant for our dinner, the restaurant is super big and it Halal.
Volcano Beancurb
Downtown KLIA Seafood

Indoor decorated as like having wedding dinner, spaces, clean and tidy.
Downtown KLIA Seafood
Downtown KLIA Seafood

We ordered set C RM79.90 which came with 4 dishes and rice.
Fried egg, egg is nicely cook with vegetable and prawn, it taste good.
Fried Egg

Black Pepper Meat, meat is tender and soft while the black pepper flavor is not too spicy instead the right amount use create a good flavor.
Black Pepper Meat

Soup, seaweed soup cook with egg.
Seaweed Egg Soup

Salty Egg Squid, we accidentally ordered extra of this even it come with Set C but the waitress just take the ordered without reminding us about duplicate ordered but we are lucky as this is the best dishes on the table, salty egg mix with flour and deep fried with Squid. It crunchy and not oily, strong salty egg taste with fresh Squid.
Salty Egg Squid

Stir Fried Vegetable
Stir Fried Vegetable

Volcano Beancurb RM25.90, another highly recommended dishes, bean curb use to form a mountain like shape and fill with vegetable in middle served with egg in sizzling plate.
Volcano Beancurb
Volcano Beancurb

4 Star Rating
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B40 - 48 Block B, Jalan KLIA 1/60, Charterfield Commercial Center 64000 KLIA
N2 46.068 E101 41.829

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