Flying to Taiwan with Air AsiaX

It about time fly to Taiwan, Taiwan wait for us, we are coming. Boarding flight, super far distance but we are so happy and illegally took some photo.
Air Asia Flight

Air Asia X, it seem to be not bad, the seat is comfort and spaces leg room, it not too bad for 4+hour flight to Taiwan.
Air Asia X

Definitely we will share with you in flight meal as well, pre-ordered meal online for Local and International meal.
They served us Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice, it seem to be both local to us but they declare the chicken rice is International meal.
In Flight Meal
Air Asia In Flight Meal

Chicken Rice, the chicken meat is rather dry and hard while the rice is a little bit hard as well, worst is it doesn’t come with any soy sauce except very small packet of chili sauce.
Chicken Rice

Nasi Lemak, honestly it not even 1% close to normal Nasi Lemak except the name, in our previous flight with Air Asia we love their Nasi Lemak but unfortunately AirAsia X seem to be getting Nasi Lemak from another vendor which taste bad, chicken meat is very hard and the sambal is not tasty at all, very disappointed.
Nasi Lemak

Are we putting too high expectation? Anyhow, in flight meal hardy taste good especially from low cost carrier.
We welcome you to share with us which Carrier provide best in flight meal, you may feedback either in comment box below or join our Facebook community Taste…iest .