One Night at Tune Hotel Before Flying to Taiwan

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We will publish a series of Taiwan food review from our upcoming post, we had a great 10days moment at Taiwan and ate a lot of local food and we can’t wait to share with you our beloved reader.
Air Asia LCCT

We fly down to KL for transit and stay one night at Tune Hotel, as per our expectation Tune hotel is small, small, small and small but luckily it clean.
The room cost RM142.99/night.
Tune Hotel

Slot in your Keycard to activate lighting and air-con, it will count down but during our stay it remain clock at 12hour remaining no matter how long we on or off it.
Tune Hotel Central Management Console

The bed is nicely fit two of us and there is no room to walk if you have huge luggage, air con is right above and it pretty cold.
Tune Hotel Room

Just a small walking path, one step from entrance, one step to bed and one step to toilet, pretty convenient.
Tune Hotel Room Walkway

Bathroom is clean and separated between dry and wet area.
Tune Hotel Room Toilet
Tune Hotel Room Toilet

I purchase a combo package for 12 Hours Air Cond. + Towel & Free Essentials toiletries kit RM15.90.
Tune Hotel toiletries kits

Night view of Tune Hotel
Tune Hotel
Tune Hotel
Tune Hotel

Well, since it just a short stay so not much complain and we are happy with what provided.
Check in and get some rest, moment later my friend is waiting us for dinner.
Great to have friend around the world, everywhere you go will meet up someone and always have great time hanging out with friend.