18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房

18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房, it a place that not in our itinerary but added on last minute and we never regret of doing that. Even though it is pretty expensive but well worth the value. You have to take number like in bank in ordered to get into the shop, they have tight temperature control to maintain high quality of chocolate.
18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房
18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房

While waiting for our turn, right beside chocolate factory is ice cream shop. Lot of people will buy while waiting for their turn into chocolate factory.
Don’t think that this ice cream shop is secondary, it serve great ice cream as well, a very good quality of pure ice cream.
We try the passion fruit ice cream and fall in love with it.
Ice Cream Shop

As well they provide coffee to those waiting outside, occasionally they will give out some chocolate for testing.
18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房

A big shelter area provided for customer to enjoy chocolate and relax.
18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房

We ordered a small box of 6 pieces chocolate, Mocha NTD45, Rose NTD45, Wine NTD60, Citrus Fruit NTD50, Mango NTD50 and Truffle NTD50.
Mocha Chocolate is rather normal as it has too strong Mocha flavor and slightly cover the pure chocolate flavor.
Wine Chocolate, wine is really leaking out from the chocolate and it not too strong instead it just form a nice combination.
I like truffle chocolate the most, it has the original flavor of pure chocolate with slight bitter taste.
18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房
18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房

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18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房
No. 20慈恩街 Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
+886 4 9298 4863 ‎

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