Abalone Porridge at Bee Won Korean Restaurant

We making our way back to Bee Won Korean Restaurant again, we have a good dining experience on our previous visit and immediately bought another set of voucher to dine in there again. Another great value deal from EziVoucher with price tag of RM6.90 for Special Korean Abalone Porridge+Kimchi+Tea.
Bee Won Restaurant

First serve with a small portion of Kimchi, multi layer of napa cabbage stack together with various seasoning in between making it taste a little bit spicy and sour, it has a crunchy texture and sweetness from napa cabbage.

Served next is Special Abalone Porridge, honestly we are quite disappointed with it rather boring blend coloring but first taste 100% change our mind, it look simple but the taste is very complex.
It has very strong seafood freshness flavor or I should say it is abalone taste, once we taste it we just can’t stop our self till the last scoop.
Abalone Porridge
Abalone Porridge

For sure the porridge is not enough to fill our stomach, we extra ordered BBQ pork set RM33 which served with 6 Korean Side Dishes.
We had here is 6 different Korean side dishes which include Kimchi, Vegetable, Potato, Blood Clam, Celery and Eggplant.
Korean Side Dishes

egg plant


Blood Clam
blood clam

Stir Fried Vegetable


Salad season with sweet and spicy seasoning.

Garlic and Chili Paste use BBQ Pork Set.
Garlic and Chili Paste

Green vegetable
green vegetable

Well designed table which allow the smoke to suck to avoid smoky and oily environment.

Cook by expert! This picture shown how big portion the pork meat which cover almost the whole BBQ plate.
 BBQ pork

BBQ Pork, BBQ marinated pork meat.
 BBQ pork

Almost ready to served, can’t wait for it to served.
 BBQ pork

Finally our BBQ pork is ready, take a piece of pork meat wrapped with vegetable, garlic, onion and carrot.
Pork meat is succulent while the green vegetable is crunchy making it perfect combination, the meat itself rich in flavor hence no extra chili sauce required.
 BBQ pork with vegetable

Watermelon served as dessert.

Bee Won Korean Restaurant is on top of our list for Korean food, food quality is top and service is no doublt the best. You can join our Facebook community Taste…iest to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste...iest.
5 Star Rating

Bee Won Korean Traditional Restaurant
3rd Floor Royal Hotel, 3 Jalan Larut, 10050 Pulau Pinang
04 2277535
017 4235062 (Miss Choi)
12pm – 2.30pm & 6pm – 10.30pm
N5 25.320 E100 19.524

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