Famous Tom Yam Noodle at Air Itam 118 Cafe

Raja Uda famous Tom Yam Noodle is opening another branch in Air Itam area, previously we try it competitor Tom Yam Noodle at Joo Heng Restaurant and it taste extremely good, now we got the chance to try out BW Tom Yam Noodle(main branch located beside Kwong Hwa Primary School in Raja Uda) at G-Xiang Dim Sum Restaurant (previously known as Asia Café), which is the restaurant after roundabout.
BW Tom Yam Noodle
BW Tom Yam Noodle

You opt to select your own ingredients, such as fish ball, mushroom, vegetable and the most delicious deep fried fish meat.
Price wise depend on what ingredients you select but I would say it very reasonable.
The Tom Yam soup is very delicious, it taste spicy, sour and sweet, add on fried garlic is something special from this hawker stall which make the soup take even better.
BW Tom Yam Noodle
BW Tom Yam Noodle

This plate is definitely my favorite, adding almost 10 pieces of fish meat and it cost just RM6.50 only.
Understand from the owner that he only cook limited pieces of fish meat to ensure it crispy and fresh, the fish meat taste crispy even after deep inside the soup for some time.
BW Tom Yam Noodle

Something to add on is definitely the Ais Kacang, it served in big portion and cheap.
Ais Kacang

5 Star Rating

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118 Cafe, nearby Penang Hill Roundabout
Dinner Only (5.30pm onward)
N5 24.360 E100 16.964

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