Fusion Cuisine Restaurant Bountiful Kitchen at Jones Road

Once again we are invited by restaurant owner for food sampling and this time we are glad to be invited by award winning Chef Raj who previously work in G Hotel and now he started his own business Boutiful Kitchen at Jones Road.
Ala Salsa Salmon
Cumin Chicken
Mexican Fish
Bountiful Kitchen

Chef Raj created a simple but gorgeous theme for his restaurant, a simple black and white demonstrating a clean and relax environment.
Bountiful Kitchen is a newly open restaurant that just into operation for 7 months, they emphasize on fusion food where you can get different type of delicious food under one roof.
Bountiful Kitchen

Ice Honey Green Tea & Ice Honey Lemon RM4.50 each,
Honey Lemon Ice and Honey Green Tea Ice

Mango & Papaya Lassi RM7.90 each, Lassi is a popular and traditional Indian yogurt based drinks that blend with fresh fruits, we tasted Papaya Lassi and just in love with it. Plain blend papaya juice is rather boring but with the present of yogurt acidity making it so different and one cup is just not enough.
Mango and Papaya Lassi

Butter Chicken Set RM22.90, served with garden veggies, dhall curry, yoghurt raita, papadum and briyani rice.
Our focus is definitely on the protein where a strong curry spice flavor floating out and understand from Chef Raj that most of the spices are import. Great cooking skill making the chicken tender soft while absorbing the strong curry flavor.
You might have the same complain as I did when first tasting briyani rice which is a little bit dry and hard but that is the original way of how the rice should be, a traditional way of cooking briyani rice with special import rice that won’t mushy no matter how long cook time.
Butter Chicken Set

Ala Salsa Salmon RM23.90 Pan fried salmon fillet served with homemade mango salsa, mashed potato and garden veggies.
We will really impress with the vibrant color food presentation, it really making the dish visually taste better. Thick cut of salmon are well sealed to retain the freshness and juiciness of salmon meat, topping with homemade mango salsa, mango salsa made from mango with honey but that do create a very appetizing sauce that go well with salmon.
Ala Salsa Salmon

Cumin Chicken RM14.90, oven baked boneless chicken in fresh cumin sauce, homemade mashed sweet potato and garden veggies.
Chicken Chop is what cross our mind when it served, but when Chef Raj come over and show us a small bowl of Cumin seed then we know that is something different.
Understand from Chef Raj he use a thin layer of egg to seal chicken meat, which work well to create succulent chicken and that taste extremely delicious.
Cumin Chicken

Cumin is dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum, it is second most used spice in the world after black pepper.

Kapitan Fish RM16.90, pan fried fish fillet with nyonya kapitan gravy, kerabu mango and egg fried rice.
Same cooking technique by using egg to seal fish fillet before pan fried to retain the juiciness of fish meat, nyonya kapitan gravy is very flavorful and went well with the fish fillet.
We can sense the use of coconut milk in gravy to create a thick and strong flavor kapitan.
Kapitan Fish
Kapitan Fish

Mexican Fish RM15.90, pan fried fish fillet in Mexican sauce, mashed potato and garden veggiest.
Pan Fried fillet top with Mexican sauce which is pretty complicated flavor taste sweet, spicy and sour. Even though the strong present of Mexican sauce but it never overlap the original taste of fish fillet.
Mexican Fish

Banana Split
Banana Split

Chef Raj is a very passionate chef that doing his best to deliver best dishes to customer, we are glad to be invited by him for food sampling and I do like to take this opportunity to thanks him for the great dinner.
Chef Raj Winning Award

Bountiful Kitchen located along Jones Road, you can see Lancia Auto at Jones Road junction.
Bountiful Kitchen

Bountiful Kitchen
No.5 Jones Road, 10250 Penang
04 2265045
11am – 2.30pm
6.30pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Tuesday
N5 25.772 E100 18.869

4 Star Rating

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