Gao Shiung Beef Noodle台湾高雄港園牛肉麵‎

港园牛肉面馆is one of the very old Beef Noodle Restaurant in Gao Shiung高雄. We rent bicycle from one of the shop at MRT station, just before we leave we ask for food recommendation from local people, they highly recommended 港园牛肉面馆 as it has very long history and whoever come to Gao Shiung高雄 must try out their beef noodle.
Pork Knuckle Noodle
Beef Noodle
 Beef Tendon

Honestly the price is not really friendly, a bowl of noodle NTD110 while braised beef tendon and stomach NTD80 small, NTD150 large.
We ordered pork knuckle noodle and beef noodle, their pork knuckle as well very famous as almost every table served with one plate.

The spicy chili sauce great to mix with noodle.
Dipping Sauce

We ordered extra braised beef tendon, it is actually cold dish and chewy texture, not really has much flavor instead it more like hard jelly.
Taste wise just average.
Beef Tendon

Pork Knuckle Noodle, if you do not like fat part then you have to avoid this as the whole pork knuckle is full of fat and skin only.
I like it so much as it has good flavor and the pork knuckle is so well cook, it is very soft and melt easily in my mouth.
The noodle use is a little bit different, it flat and thicker that our usual yellow noodle or pan mee.
Pork Knuckle Noodle

Dry Beef Noodle, Beef meat is extremely succulent and the amount given is generous.
Beef Noodle

港园牛肉面馆is highly recommended to visit if you happen to travel

5 Star Rating
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No. 55號, Dàchéng Street, Yancheng District
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 803

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