Hot Spring Ramen at BeiTou 满来温泉拉面

BeiTou Hot Spring Ramen (满来温泉拉面) is located within walking distance from XinBeiTou Train Station, even though it not that close by but in between there is a few tourist attraction that you can stop by and enjoy the awesome scenery especially 地热谷!

Hot Spring Half Boiled Egg
 Kimchi Ramen
 Pork Chop
满来温泉拉面 Hot Spring Ramen at BeiTou

Hot Spring Half Boiled Egg NTD25, don’t be fool by the name half boiled egg, the egg served in cold and that caught us in surprise.
Even though it cold but it doesn’t has raw egg smell instead it is very smooth and tasty.
Spring onion and seaweed added with soy sauce making the egg savory taste, it is so delicious that we ordered extra after finish two.
Hot Spring Half Boiled Egg

Kimchi Ramen NTD130, Kimchi soup base cook with Ramen and a big slice of pork meat.
Kimchi soup is not too strong instead it has the right amount of flavor and not too spicy or sour.
Best thing is the combination with cold weather making the Kimchi Ramen so delicious.
 Kimchi Ramen
 Kimchi Ramen

Pork Chop NTD60, deep fried pork chop served with kimchi, seem like local people like to eat kimchi as most of the dish served with kimchi.
Deep Fried pork chop is succulent and has strong flavor meaning it has been marinated for quite some time which fully absorb the marinated souce.
 Pork Chop

Hot Spring Tofu NTD25, this is what really impress us, the silky soft tofu is just pass through our mouth without even using our tongue.
Hot Spring Tofu garnish with dried fish and spring onion, most important is the super concentrated soy sauce which is quite salty but a little bit of it together with tofu form a nice combination.
Hot Spring Tofu

Overall it taste good and value for money, highly recommended to try it out.

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