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Taste…iest Food Blog is online for 616 days since established in May 2010, we are glad to share our dining experience in the past 600 over days and we do hope that our review and sharing did help on your dining guide.
Let look back at 2010 and 2011, we are very happy to close the year of 2010 with 30,000 pages view, which is totally unexpected since we are part time blogger and don’t do much on SEO. We must say Thanks You for your support, without your support we not able to hit that high number of pages views.

We continue to blog on food for year 2011 and our effort paid off by your support again, we hit a new high record of 164,000 page views which is 550% more than 2010. WAU!
You know what, without your reference and sharing we will never hit that high number of page views, even though we are still far behind from top food blogger but we are happy with our result.

During 2011, our blog has been down for a couple of time due to exceed bandwidth allow by Photobucket, even though we have 3 different account with monthly 10G bandwidth each that that just not enough to support the amount of visitor we had, in ordered to overcome this issue finally we decided to go for self hosting with our own domain name, this is the time where is born.

It is painful to migrate from Blogger to Wordpress, our ranking drop tremendously in Google search, Google just doesn’t know who is Taste…iest but we are lucky 301 redirect from old blog making Google love us again after few weeks of traffic drop, so don’t be surprised if you will searching for but end up in Taste…iest .

By the way, our Facebook fans has increase to 777 persons, you can join our Facebook Community Taste…iest and highly appreciate if you could share with your friends.

Thanks You Very Much. Please continue to support us and we will share more, we welcome any feedback or sharing from your either in our Facebook or Email.