Ximending Red House Steamboat 西门町红楼附近吃三妈臭臭锅。

Well, I not going to share much on The Red House as it just a simple red brick building with some creative shop in it, what I interest more is the "Stinky Steamboat" shop nearby.

Brief introduction about The Red House
The Red House is one of the symbolic building in Taipei XiMen, built in 1908 as Taiwan first public market and the most well preserved class III historical site.

Address:NO.10,Chengdu Rd.,Wanhua District,Taipei City 108,Taiwan,R.O.C.
Opening hours:Sun~Thurs 11:00~21:30(Closed on Mondays)
Fri~Sat 11:00~22:00
E-mail (customer service):service@redhouse.org.tw

Taipei XiMen is super crowded at night.
 Taipei XiMen 西门町

All right, this is what I going to share with you 三妈臭臭锅. You can see this restaurant scatter around Taiwan which mean you no need to purposely come to TaiPei XiMen to try it out.
Various type of steamboat for selection, such as Spicy Duck, ShaCha Fish Head, Intestine, Seafood Tofu, Kimchi and Duck steamboat price from NTD100 - 120.

One steamboat is cater for one person, it served in small steamboat light with candle.
Steamboat Holder

We ordered "臭臭锅" aka Stinky Steamboat and "麻辣鸭宝" Spicy Duck Steamboat.
Drink and rice is provided free of charge.

Many type of dipping sauce provide, Sha Cha is the prefer choice for local but we not really appreciated the sand texture of dipping sauce, instead of we love the sour and spicy souce.
Dipping Sauce

"臭臭锅" Stinky Steamboat, it has ingredients such as vegetable, egg, meat, mushroom, calm and the most important stinky tofu.
Personally I like the Stinky Steamboat as it has strong flavor and the ingredients is what I use to eat in steamboat, portion is huge and it indeed enough to be share if you are not big eater.
Stinky Tofu is not that smelly actually instead it a little bit salty but the salty flavor is dilute after dipping into the steamboat hence it just nice to eat.
臭臭锅Stinky Steamboat
Stinky Tofu
 Slice meat

"麻辣鸭宝" Spicy Duck Steamboat has almost the same ingredients except stinky tofu.
Even though it name Ma La but it actually not that spicy, the soup is a little bit spicy and savory.
麻辣鸭宝 Spicy Duck Steamboat

Both steamboat is very tasty and nice to be taken with rice.

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