Cooking Show Chalk And Cheese on AFC

We are glad to be invited for press release of Chalk And Cheese show that going to air on AFC on 20th February 2012, as Penang kia I am very proud as Chef Tommes is the only chef in Penang to air in AFC.

Chef Tommes use to be a very successful chef in restaurant around the world such as Paris, ShangHai, New York, Singapore and finally he landed himself in Penang and this is where he start to shine.

During our interview with him, he share with us his joy and tear during production of Chalk And Cheese and how he create spark with Jojo Struys, it was funny to see the promo between them.

Chalk and Cheese will be premieres on 20th Feb Monday 9.00pm and dishes cook during show will be made available in That Little Wine Bar.

Show Time on Astro 703

9:00 pm

Monday, February 20

01:00 am

Tuesday, February 21

11:00 am

Tuesday, February 21

11:30 am

Saturday, February 25