Sukhothai Beef Noodle House

Sukhothai Thai cuisine restaurant located in Pulau Tikus area and specialty in cooking beef noodle, located along busy traffic Burma road and hard to get parking but we are lucky to park right in front of the restaurant, you can park at opposite and cross the road as well. When we first enter the premise we will greet by the friendly owner and handing over menu with only a few choices, well since we use voucher hence we not really look into the menu but I know lately they have increase more dishes.
Sukhothai Beef Noodle Restaurant
Sukhothai Beef Noodle Restaurant

Sukhothai Beef Noodle RM12.90 (normal price) with option of original, glass noodle or instant noodle, we selected original noodle which shape flat and thicker than koay teow.
Beef noodle served with different part of beef and a basket of bean sprouts and basil leave, the soup has mild herb flavor and essence of beef.
I love their Beef Noodle especially the bouncing beef ball and tender soft beef meat together with the delicious soup.
Beef Noodle
Beef Noodle
Beef Noodle

Durian Sticky Rice, very strong durian flavor as they use a big pieces of durian flesh to make this dessert and bottom fill with sticky rice, the sticky rice is slightly too hard for us.
Even though it is slightly hard but we still enjoy as the original taste of durian is so delicious.
Durian Sticky Rice

Jackfruit Sticky Rice, I think they can make it better by blend it, cook it, steamed it or any other cooking method rather than sandwich it. The reason because jackfruit has it own flavor while the white and black glutinous rice has no flavor, when it two mix together it still taste separately instead of together as a dessert.
Jack Fruit Sticky Rice

Another value for money Online Coupon that we bought for a half of the price and we do enjoy the food.

I like their food very much and the overall service is good.
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4 Star Rating

Sukhothai Beef Noodle House
238 Jalan Burmah, Penang
Tel: 0124335588
N5 25.812 E100 18.795

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