Teluk Kumbar Hao You Seafood

Yes, we are back to Teluk Kumbar area to search for good seafood and few choices available which is either Hao You or Hai Boey or the new kids in the block Khuntai, guess what we going to publish all this three restaurant continuously so make sure you subscribe to us by using the “subscribe” box on right side or follow our Taste…iest Facebook community .

Hao You Seafood is right beside the sea and you can enjoy great scenery while eating.
We never miss the famous Satay RM0.80 each, big stick with great marinated sauce and perfectly cook to retain juiciness of chicken meat, it taste good even without any sauce.

Boiled Octopus aka Tu Boh Sui, octopus cut into small pieces and boiled to cooked and dip with peanut sauce provided, octopus slightly overcook and rubbery.
Boiled Octopus

Stir Fried Vegetable, it taste normal.
Stir Fried Vegetable

Tang Hun Lala is something new that I never try before here, Lala is big size cooked with glass noodle in soup that has mild alcoholic taste.
The soup taste good and the glass noodle fully absorb the soup essence into it, Lala is big and fresh.
Tang Hun Lala
Tang Hun Lala

Steamed Crab is fresh and delicious, our favorite cooking method is steamed which retain the juiciness of crab meat and not too dry like baked.
Steamed Crab

Overall it taste not bad but the service might required some improvement as we ordered one fish which never served until we finish our food.

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2 Star Rating

84, MK9 , Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Pulau Pinang.
Business Hour: 6.30pm-10pm ( Tuesday Close )
N05 17.177 E100 13.969

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