Tom Yam Noodle at Little Sunshine Cafe Sunshine Farlim

Little Sunshine café located inside the famous super market Sunshine Farlim, it just a small restaurant but always crowded with people as inside Sunshine Farlim there is just a few restaurant available but that doesn’t mean the food is not good instead we have try their Tom Yam Noodle which caught us in surprise by the spicy and sour flavorful soup.

Lemon Juice RM3.50 and White Coffee RM3.20, white coffee it not lose to old town as it has thick flavor as well.
White Coffee and Lemon Juice

Tom Yam Noodle RM6.90, this is what I want to recommend. Tom Yam Noodle has very rich flavor which taste spicy and sour with ingredient such as crab meat, fish meat and vegetable.
It really making us sweat but the Tom Yam soup is too good and we end up finishing the whole bowl.
Tom Yam Noodle
Tom Yam Noodle
Tom Yam Noodle

Chicken Chop Rice RM8.90, deep fried chicken drumstick with sweet sauce, provided together is fried egg and stir fried vegetable.
Chicken Chop Rice

Little Sunshine Café located inside Sunshine Farlim, we highly recommend their Tom Yam Noodle.
Little Sunshine Café

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3 Star Rating

Little Sunshine Café
Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall
No 294, Jalan Thean Teik Air Itam Penang
N5 23.764 E100 17.145

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