LK Western Food Cafe

LK Western Food Café recently just expand their business by acquired the shop next to it and make it a bigger restaurant with Air-Con, unfortunately indoor is “too” sound proof that make it so noisy inside if there is party going on, that is our bad luck during visit as there is a group of people celebrate birthday and with that we move to another corner else our ear is going to burst.
LK Western Café

Mushroom soup with garlic bread RM3.80, mushroom soup is rather plain and no mushroom pieces in it while the garlic bread is actually Marimo type of bread apply with thin layer of garlic butter.
Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread
Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Large Honeydew Drink RM3.90, very big cup of honeydew drink and we love it, it has actually honeydew flavor instead of using essence.
Honeydew Drink Large

Mushroom soup with big cup of drink that enough for two person.
Mushroom Soup with Drink

Mixed Grill RM17.00, a combination of lamb, sausage, pork, salad and French fries. I wonder why they put so much sauce on top of the grill meat, it just overkill and overlap the grilled aroma and taste.
Mixed Grill

Cheesy Chicken Gordon Blue RM10.50, Chicken Gordon Blue is chicken cutlet stuff with ham and cheese in it then deep fried to golden color, from the half cut picture below you can see huge amount of cheese flown out with many pieces of ham in it, it very delicious.
Cheesy Chicken Gorden Blue
Cheesy Chicken Gorden Blue

LK Western Café offering great price for their seafood but the food quality still have room for improvement, you can join our Facebook community Taste…iest to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Taste...iest.

3 Star Rating

LK Western Café
494Q, Jalan Air Itam, 11400 Penang
+604 8291637
N5 24.305 E100 17.494

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